Thursday, April 16, 2009

Simple Pleasure

I have had such a heavy week. This morning I was praying and thinking about all the different people on my heart right now. I just began to thank God for them and for the way He was working and moving. Even though we don't see it in some situations He is working things out...thank you Lord.

So as I began to get up and start school with the girls, I glanced at my breakfast room table. For whatever reason, God brought back the memory of the weekend when Fran, Patty and Georgia were here. (Back in January) It was the sweetest thing. I then began to reminisce about all the Siestas that we spent time with that weekend. I am so thankful for each one. There is some serious prayer support and love among us and I can't tell you what that means to me.

But the memory that popped in my mind was not of a deep spiritual conversation, or the time we spent in my living room praying. Oh no. God knew that I needed something different today. So He reminded me of this.

Go on and laugh...hard. It's okay...we do too! It totally cracked me up and I laughed all the way upstairs. (It took me a few minutes to make it to the top, I started Jillian Michaels "The Shred" this morning and it kicked my backside!)

This memory was my simple pleasure this week. I have had the best time with God today thanking Him for times like this one. He has made me glad...I needed to be reminded that it is okay to have a belly laugh. :) Especially when it happens with people who are crazy about Him. :)


Heather C said...

I'm smiling now. :) God bless you!

Sheryl said...

How wonderful! I enjoyed that weekend with the Southern Siestas...God is so good.

From my heart,

Fran said...

And, I have a very similar picture in my den that some "stupid" friends gave me!!!

I love ya to death stephanie!
always praying,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making me smile. My heart is so heavy; my son is going thru a difficult custody battle for his son. Please remember us in your prayers.
Nancy Cheek in North Carolina

connorcolesmom said...

Ok that totally made me giggle!
That was such a fun weekend
I was just telling my hubby I don't think I have laughed as hard as I did that weekend
God bless

colorfulwoman said...

I read on Fran's blog that you need a big dose of courage, me too! God has me on a treasure hunt in His Word on "courage" and it is amazing. Still trying to piece it together in my heart, isn't that the exciting part? You know it's coming into clarity, but He leaves you hangin' just enough to keep you on the hunt, then one day, BOOM, a clear Truth comes shining straight into your heart, so clear and transforming. I love God! Praying for you!

Leah said...

I am so smilin' at you girls right now. It looks like the Lord just gave ya'll a silly, blessed weekend.


Lora said...

You all look like you are having a grand time!