Saturday, March 24, 2007

Birthday Celebration

Here is a picture of the birthday girl with big sis and baby cousins!
We had a great 6th b'day party today for Emma. We were so excited to have the babies here for the first time. The girls, all 4 of them, giggled and played non-stop. Emma took great joy in showing Mia and Morgan how to open presents. Uncle Matt and Aunt Megan gave Emma the best pool toys. Daddy Mack and Grams found wonderful new swimsuits for both of the girls. They are ready for the pool to be open. (Daddy put Chloe over the fence so she could check the water, it was a crisp 50 degrees!!!) We had quite the fashion show of new clothes from Grams and Daddy Mack, complete with a fairy wing karaoke microphone! As you know, Emma is our little Artist and Grandmother hit the jackpot with some really cool modeling clay and supplies! We can't wait to get started. Emma has started sketching some ideas for "sculptures!" Mamaw and Papaw sent a beautiful hat and matching purse in an adorable hat box! Chloe knew just what little sis wanted and picked out a great Tinker Bell nightlight, a basket for the bike, and a couple of DVD's. What would Daddy and I have done without her insight?!!!
The fact that my girls are no longer babies, is becoming more and more reality to me. I watched them today and took a walk down memory lane thinking back to Emma's first birthday. Chloe was very sick with a stomach bug and we weren't sure she would be out of bed! But God heard our prayers and she was well enough to get dressed and visit for a little while. Emma had been walking about a week and had very little hair!!! They wore coordinating outfits with matching hats and sweet little sandals. It was cool, so we had to put socks on their little feet, covering their little pink toenails!! It was precious. Today, Emma graced the staircase in her princess dress and birthday bow, Chloe threw on a sundress and opted for no shoes. They both fixed their own drink, and plate of food. They are earning money by doing extra chores around the house, and asking for help in saving, and asking what they should tithe. It's amazing how fast they grow and change. I miss those baby girls, but I love this age. I love that they both know Jesus as their personal savior. I'm amazed at the deep love they already show for our Lord. I love that we can actually have a discussion about more than a toy or movie. I love that they like to spend time with us. (Granted that will change in the next few years!) I love that even on their worst, hormonal day of the year they still want to cuddle with us at bedtime. I love that when they sense Daddy or Mommy is having a bad day, they go to their room and pray for us, and that when asked why they do that they say: "Cause that's what you do when someone is having a hard time." I love that they "get it", that being a Christian is more than a lot of talk and going to church on Sunday morning. It's not always easy to make the choice that will please the Lord, but blessings follow obedience. Thank you Lord that they are learning this early. May it continue to take root in the deepest part of their being.

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