Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I ask all my girlfriends, can an 8 1/2 year old have PMS. (See I can type this, but there's no way I could speak these words out loud!!!) OH my goodness have we been emotional this week. Bless our souls if this is a sign of things to come. Poor, poor Chad. All alone with 3 females. (I guess this is why he was so particular about getting a boy dog.)

This morning we talked about guarding our mouths and tongues. We had an awesome discussion about how we could guard our mouths, using our mouths to speak healing words instead of harmful ones. Then we had a powerful prayer time. And I mean powerful, we prayed hard. They poured their little hearts out and asked God to help them guard their mouths. I was so humbled by it all.

Then, it starts. The huffy and puffy walk. The poochy lip disease made a come back. Now, granted she didn't SAY much, but her actions spoke much louder!! She was "guarding" her words, but her body was speakin' some sass!! I can't tell you what triggered it, other than I asked her to get ready for her spelling test. I'm such a mean teacher!! Anyway, after the silent treatment, and a few tears we made it through our spelling test, and our big unit test. Then it starts again. Complete disappointment in herself. (She missed 1 spelling word and made a 96, which was just unacceptable) When I gave her the unit average of 99.5, that just sent her over the edge!! "Can I do extra credit?!!!" was her response.

I really had to bite my lip to keep from laughing out loud. I sent her upstairs to take a long hot shower, and suggested she just spend a little time alone with God. Later, we talked about how she made the choice to let the enemy control her actions this morning. She even said, that we had such a good devotion time she didn't understand how she could blow it, the same day!!! I told her that even adults do this over and over again. We all make mistakes, we all do things that grieve God. That's why it's so important to study His word, to ask Him to show you where you're wrong and to forgive you of anything in you that grieves Him. I heard someone say once that you know you're growing in your relationship with the Lord when the time of the sin and the time of the confession grows smaller and smaller. It was so cool to hear her say, "I knew I was acting wrong and that I needed to fix my attitude. I wanted God to forgive me." After a sweet prayer time together, she's back to her old happy self. Until one of us looks at her wrong!!

Oh my poor, poor husband!!