Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I just had the best morning. Two of my very favorite sisters in Christ and their little ones, drove down from Chattanooga for a visit. They were so brave to face Atlanta traffic!! We ate, drank coffee had a few cookies and talked non-stop. It was wonderful. You know, I didn't realize how much I missed those girls. I even found myself a little teary after they left. Each one of us have two children, we are all stay at home moms, 2 of us homeschool and the other is praying about that for next year when her oldest starts kindergarten. But the strongest bond we have is our love for Jesus and our passion to see women experience freedom in Him. We have all been through some tough stuff, and God has done some AWESOME things, miracles in each of our lives and marriages. We know that we can not take a single step without HIM. I think what I love most about these girls is that we can speak truth to each other. You know, as iron sharpens iron.....! I love that about them. Prime example. I've been praying about going to this conference in May. It's on the other side of Atlanta and with all the job change/financial issues, I just feel a little selfish asking Chad to pay for me to go. Plus, I really feel kinda weird going to this. Don't get me wrong, it would be an awesome opportunity to expand my writing skills and meet other songwriters....., I just feel strange "promoting" myself. Okay, that probably makes no sense, but I'm moving on. Chad has said GO, my parents have said GO our good friends and former worship pastor says GO. I haven't even filled out the form or picked out a song to submit. My sweet sister Angela knows I've been praying about this and asked if I was still looking into it. I say I don't know, list my excuses and listen to them say GOOOOOOOOOOO!! Then they spoke some precious things to me that pretty much kicked my rear into gear!! They know me, they know I can't write a note without Him. (Believe me, I've tried and it wasn't pretty.) So, when I get through posting this blog, I'm downloading the registration form and seriously talking to Chad about this and if he's still okay with this, I'm going for it. Scared to death, but I'm going to do this. If you're reading this, pray, pray, pray that I will get over the fear and just obey. Blessings follow obedience!!! I preach this to my children, now I've got to live it for them.