Sunday, March 25, 2007


I love Sunday and the fellowship of being with other believers, I always have. Today was a long Sunday morning. Our worship pastor asked me a couple of weeks ago to sing a particular song. ("Outside These Walls") This is one of the first few songs I wrote and I am constantly questioning it. Is it good enough, should I re-word this part, yada, yada, yada. So, the past few weeks I just really had to pray through this one. (Deep down, I knew that God had orchestrated this song for today, but my stubborn side was strongly suggesting that it be another song, one I felt more comfortable with.) I asked a good friend to be brutally honest and tell me if I should "tweak" anything. Thank goodness that person knows me well enough to say "that is the song and those are the words GOD gave you to write, you don't need to second guess Him. Do the song with confidence." I so needed that reminder that it's not Stephanie writing a song. It's God writing the song, I just get to be the pencil. And it was the song that God had planned for today. Every piece of music, every part of the sermon, it all pointed to Jesus and reminding us that an hour on Sunday morning isn't church. It's what we are doing outside the walls, in our every day life that is the church. So to my girlfriends who are changing diapers, you are being Jesus to that little one! To my friends who are homeschooling you are being Jesus to your children. To my friends who are mommies and hold down jobs outside the home, you are Jesus to each co-worker and boss. May we bring glory to God with every step we make and every breath we take. I've been challenged to remember that this week. Remember that song from several years ago "we are his hands, we are his feet......." I can't remember the name, but may it start at home and ooze to all around us. Let's make a difference in Jesus name this week!