Monday, March 19, 2007

Life Isn't Fair

Chad and I recently found that we hear "That's not fair", coming out of our daughter's mouths. This really bugged us, and I began to ask God to give us wisdom on how to handle this. Our Sunday School class is doing a parenting study and we have talked a little about this and we got some great ideas there. Then, Chad got a letter from Ransomed Heart Ministries that talked about not forgetting all that God has done for you. Hmmmm, there's God again. Showing up in numerous places with the same message. He's speaking in themes again. I just love it when He does that!! The two just went hand in hand with what we've been dealing with so I thought I'd share a little of what we're teaching the girls right now.

That's not fair is thrown around every time something doesn't go our way. Adults as well as little ones. Our hurts are just bigger right? Well, it's like the old saying goes, puppy love is real to the puppy. May not be true, but it's real. Life is the same way. Stuff happens that isn't right, isn't what God intended and life can hurt. We've recently used Joseph as an example. Remember him? His big brothers were so jealous of him they threw him into a pit. Then they sold him. Long story short, Joseph found himself in a very unfair situation. I'm sure he felt physical and emotional pain. He was human so I guess at some point he asked God why. God used him in each and every place for a greater purpose. Later he was used to provide for the same family that had thrown him into a pit and sold him!! Joseph didn't ask for that life. The same way we don't ask God to allow traumatic things to happen in ours. What Joseph did, was consistently walk with the Father, good times and bad. He allowed God to take those hard times and use them as a avenue to show HIS greatness. Will you do that? Will you allow God to take the hardest times, maybe the times you are most ashamed of and use it to show His greatness?

Chad has challenged the girls to make a list every day of 5 things God did that day for them, or a particular thing they are thankful for that day. The idea is to acknowledge what God has given. We are so quick to remember all the junk from the day. All the cross words spoken to us or about us. The past pain whether it was brought on ourselves or something we were innocent in or a victim off, but we are so quick to forget the things God does each and every day.

Friday morning as I read my Proverb (16:4a) I was reminded that God works out everything for His own ends. My mind immediately went to the New Testament where we are told once again that ALL THINGS work together for good. So the obvious question being posed to me is this one. What is the "Thing" in my life right now that I need God to work out? The ultimate question is: Can I let go of the "thing" long enough for Him to get His holy fingerprints all over it, or do I like hanging on to my "thing"? Deuteronomy 1:26-32 was recently referenced in a teaching on a similar issue. Pretty much the Children of God are complaining again and Moses reminds them of all that God has done for them and then says in verse 32 "In spite of this, you did not trust in the Lord your God. Or "In this thing, you don't trust the the Lord your God". After everything Jesus has done, I promise you can trust Him with your thing. Will you let him? Oh what freedom waits for us when we surrender our hold on our "things".