Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter Morning


We woke this morning to a crisp 29 degrees with a windchill of 24 degrees. It was brisk to say the least. The girls had fun on the hunt for their baskets. We had quite a bit of time before church and I'll say that it was nice to have a somewhat leisurely morning.

The Easter service up in Gainesville was packed out. And I mean packed out. There wasn't a seat left in the place. I didn't realize how crowded every pew was until I went to sit with my family on the second row. I practically had to sit in Chad's lap!! It was a great service. Chad and the girls sat down front so we could sit together (that in and of itself is rare) what they didn't realize was that they would quickly be surrounded by youth. Their youth group all sit together on the first 4 rows!! I was so impressed at their behaviour and the attitude of respect they showed during the service. They were clinging onto every word the visiting pastor said. I feel like these young adults have a growing hunger for the Lord. It was very exciting to see. Overall it was a great experience and those people warmed our hearts and made us feel like one of their family.

This afternoon, everyone is napping and taking it easy. We plan to make a run to the Target in a little while, but other than that we are just enjoying being together.

Happy Easter.

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