Friday, April 6, 2007

The Pitcher of Blessing

Okay first, the meat of this blog is about 3 paragraphs down, I've just got a ton to share tonight!! So if you want the good stuff skip the first little bit! :) Or not and see what's going on in my life today. Either way, I love you for reading it!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my "sister's" who came down for a visit and how they challenged me to be obedient and go to a particular conference for songwriters. Here's an update on that.

After I finished that blog entry, I went to the website to download the entry forms and info for the conference. Once there I found that they had decided to cancel the 2007 conference and were planning a pretty awesome 2008 conference. Okay, so I was pretty bummed out and just wondered what God was up to. It was pretty weird the timing and all, but who am I to question God and His plan. The people hosting this conference are grounded in HIM and I trust that they heard Him speak pretty clearly to cancel this close to the conference!! Maybe He just wanted me to say yes.

Chad challenged me on Tuesday night to write for a particular thing, it was totally out of my comfort zone, but I like a good challenge so I said yes. So tonight actually about 10 minutes ago, I emerged from the music cave with the final product.
I typed it up, charted it and gave it to my man to read. I quickly left the room so I couldn't observe his facial expressions. When I came back, he grinned and said, "It's awesome". The knot in my stomach briefly went away then he said let's record it and send it. I about lost my homemade Philly cheese steak sandwich. (This is my latest creation, it's easy and very cheap!) We'll see what happens, I'll keep you posted if anything neat happens. (Not about loosing my dinner, but about the song)

My sister and her husband were here today for a visit. They are spending the weekend in Atlanta and going to all the Braves games. (Of course tonight, they've already called it quits, it's cold and windy. So they walked across the street back to their hotel to watch it on t.v.) It was good to see them. We get to bring their man-child home with us for a few days next week, I'm looking forward to having him here with us! Chad and Paddington are really looking forward to another boy, this will even the numbers for a couple of days. :)

By the way, do you know how good God is? He continues to amaze me with how he takes care of us. Emotionally, spiritually, physically He is enough. I felt Him speak to me today. I had a pitcher of water with me this morning as I worked in my flower bed since my water hose doesn't reach to this spot and we can't use our sprinkler system on Friday! Anyway, so I'm pinching off the dead buds and cleaning up around them and of course watering them. (this pitcher runs out about halfway through, so I have to come back in to fill it up.) As I made my way down the bed, I felt the Lord say to my heart, "You know Stephanie, just like you love to fill up your pitcher of water and pour it out on your flowers, I hold a pitcher of blessing and I love to pour it out over you. Trust me, my pitcher never runs out. Just like your pitcher holds water the very thing your flowers need to live, My pitcher holds everything you need and more. Just trust Me." I love it when He does that. Later in the day after all the company left, I realized I hadn't checked the mail. So I sent the man out for it.(It's cold outside!) Chad came in with his mouth on the floor and a smile on his face. You see, in the mail was a check from a very unexpected source, and it came at the time we needed it most. I can't begin to tell you what we felt. It was the pitcher of blessing being tipped over us today. Thank you Jesus! I pray that you experience a good soak from the Savior!