Monday, April 2, 2007

Ouch, That Hurts!!


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What a weekend. Friday night was wonderful. My parents brought our grill down a couple of weekends ago, so we fired it up for some grilled corn on the cob and steak and veggies. There's just something about the taste of that first grill of the season. After dinner, all the neighborhood kids were out riding bikes. The gang of 10 must have made 25 laps before it was all over! They were just exhausted. It was great to see them all out playing together again. It makes me long for the pool to open!!

Saturday we had company, so Chad and I were up and dressed early since we weren't exactly sure what time they would be arriving. Soon after they got here, Chloe and Emma decided to take a walk on our treadmill. According to Chloe, she was showing Emma how to "surf" when her croc flew off and her foot was pulled under the "conveyor belt." She emerged from the guest bedroom, where our treadmill is, with tears and in some obvious pain. I'll be honest, I got sick, really about lost it in the kitchen sink. It looked and still looks horrible. I'm really surprised she didn't break her foot. The cuts, yes that is supposed to be plural, look terrible. I was changing her bandage this morning and her little foot has beautiful shades of blue, purple...... needless to say she's taking it nice and slow.

So after our company left, we were all pretty antsy and needed something to do. Since Chloe's injury wouldn't allow us to go ride bikes, or take a walk, Daddy came up with a brilliant idea to make a quick run to Chattanooga and pick up a leather chair and ottoman my parents had in their basement. (If you know my parents, you know they have an unending supply of furniture, and it's always really good furniture so we take it and find a place for it!!) When they were down for Emma's party, I had rearranged our living room and Dad said I needed a small chair in this particular spot. Dad has a great eye, and searched through the basement until he came up with this one. He's so cool. That was a rabbit trail so back to the weekend,

What would normally be a 2 1/2 hour trip to Chatt. turned into a 3 1/2 car ride. We pulled in around 6:15. By the time we got there, Chloe's foot was swollen and putting her shoe on was out of the question. Chad and Uncle Matt, the firefighter, cleaned it up again and we got a pretty good look at just how bad it was. A little Tylenol,a band-aid and attention from the 2 most handsome men in the world goes a long way for an 8 year old. It was a fun trip, we had pizza with my brother, sister-in-law and my sweet nieces. It had only been a week since we had seen them, but they have changed! We headed back home around 8:00 and were in our beds around 10:30. Not bad if you ask me!!

When we got up Sunday morning, Emma couldn't breath thanks to the pollen, and Chloe couldn't walk, so we had family church at home and just rested. It was nice to have everyone together in one place and since both the girls were feeling pretty bad, we had their undivided attention!! But, by the afternoon they were sick of Mom and Dad and ready for Choir.

This was such an untypical weekend for us, but you know what, it was a good one. (Other than the "surfing" accident)