Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Wow Moment

About 45 minutes ago, Chloe and I returned from our first Women's Ministry event together. Can I just say that it was incredible!!! It was at our church and the speaker was Candace Cameron Bure. (DJ from Full House) She of coursed started out with the typical tidbits about Full House, but quickly shifted her focus to her relationship with the Lord and what He has done and is doing in her life. For the last few days, Chloe and I have been praying that those people coming to see "DJ" would see Jesus, and that we would very clearly hear what God wanted to say to us tonight. So, last night as I tucked her into bed we chatted for a few minutes about today and what it would be like. She was just giddy and could hardly wait to see and hear what Candace had to say. While she was excited to meet an actor, it became so obvious that she was really anticipating God and what HE was going to do.

When we got there, the interior doors to the Worship Center hadn't been opened yet and so we joined about 10 people in line and began the 20 minute wait. I was so proud of my 8 year old. She never once complained or asked "how much longer?". She stood quietly, patiently with a smile on her face. Despite the fact her leg and foot were really bothering her. We read the program and just talked. It was at this point that I began to realize that not everyone there was there to encounter God, and it grieved me. My heart began to ache and I was a little aggravated that my daughter was in earshot of this. But, God reminded me of what we had prayed and I just started praying again.

As Candace got to the meat, she shared some personal things about praying for an unbelieving husband, and trusting God to change hearts... the lady sitting in front of me had been emotional the whole night but during this part, she just wept. Shortly after this Candace wrapped up and did something unusual for her and gave an altar call. It was very impromptu and 3 or 4 women gave their life to Christ tonight. So AWESOME!!! One of those women was the daughter of the lady in front of me. During the prayer she was sitting there shaking so I just put my hand on her shoulder and she let it all out. I was so moved and thanked God that he had orchestrated my seat near hers. We had prayed to see HIM move and change lives and I was sitting right behind a new sister and got to rejoice with her mother!! It was powerful. I could write all night. But I'm ready to just get alone with God and thank Him again for what He started tonight.


Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Wow! What a blessing! I cannot wait to get to do this with my babies! I just love how God works! Much love to you!

Amy P. in TN said...

Way cool! God is GOOD all the time! All the time, God is GOOD!
Steph, your blog is amazing! The LORD is oozing from every word! I miss you all buches! Give the girls kisses for me!!!