Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day

We had a nice Father's Day weekend. I was pretty disappointed that it didn't look like I would see my Dad on Father's day,so it was a nice treat to have them here for a couple of days right before the "official" day. My parent's have always been flexible on holidays and special days. It's not about the "day", it's about spending time together and we do that whenever we can. Chad says often that we need to remember that when the girls are married.

Yesterday was very low key. After church, we had lunch at home and Chad took a much needed nap. The girls each worked hard on a project for him. I had nothing to do with either one so it was neat to see their handiwork. Emma illustrated a book "Dad and His Girls". It was great. Chloe and I were glad to see that in this book, we have arms AND legs. Chloe created a coupon book especially designed for a one armed dad! Our favorite was "This coupon is good for lawn work for one year". She also had a "This coupon is good for popping popcorn", that one was my personal favorite.
I loved that they took the initiative and did this on their own. For so long, I've reminded them to make cards, write a note.... it was nice to see them do this without being prompted. I just hope it happens again!!

Chad was on-line last night ( I was forcing him to watch the Next Food Network Star) looking at children in Georgia available for adoption. It broke our hearts. There were so many who just need to be loved, who just need Jesus. To think that those children don't have Daddies who tuck them in at night, say prayers with them, or play with them in the yard was just overwhelming to us. Maybe because it was Father's Day, or maybe because God has placed the desire to adopt in our hearts I don't know. I just know that you could have scrolled through those bios all night and not be done. The hardest to read were the older children and teenagers. I'm sure they feel like no one wants them. Everyone wants a baby, few will welcome a older child into their home. It was a somber end to our day.

This week, so far, looks like a quiet week at home. The last one like it for quite sometime! We plan to park ourselves by the pool and picnic, catch up on some summer reading, and just enjoy being together. Our Florida get-away has been postponed because of Chad's surgery. Hopefully we'll be going down sometime in late August or September.

I have a really cool prayer thing to share, but I'll do that later today or Tuesday. It was one of those God things that deserves it's own post!


Meg said...

So glad you had a nice weekend. I love to see my girls' expressions of love for their daddy, too. They are so creative. We are planning time at the pool this week is going to be HOT here in Virginia. Can't wait to hear your prayer story. God bless you.

Jamie said...

Stephanie thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you check back in often.

Adoption is a wonderful thing and you are right it is so sad to see all the children in America who desperately desire a mom and dad and no one desires them.

I hope that your hearts are molded together and that God lays a clear plan out for you guys about adopting.