Tuesday, June 19, 2007

He's in the details I tell you!!

I told you yesterday I had a neat prayer thing to share and I do, but first I've just got to comment on the scripture God gave me this morning. I read one Proverb every day and usually ask God to give me a verse for the day. Today it was 19:2 "Zeal without knowledge is not good; a person who moves to quickly may go the wrong way." (New Living Translation) If you've read this blog for any amount of time you know that I'm in a waiting/transition phase of life. Over the past year I've been praying and asking God to show me what it is I'm to do for Him. The passion for worship and women's ministry continues to grow and at times I feel so consumed with the longing to be serving that I don't think I can breath. God continues to have me wait. He is allowing me to play for rehearsal this week and I'll be filling in for our pianist on July 8. I'm so thankful for that, but it makes me so "homesick" to do it more!!

This morning when I read verse 2, I felt God say stop. It was if He wanted me to ponder that point a little longer. What my soul wants more than playing for worship, or speaking to a group of women is to be where God wants me. I want so much more of Him, to know more about Him. I want my desires to be His desires. The things I long to do and feel called to do are good things. He knows those desires, He put them in me!! But until He is ready for me to step into that role whatever it may be, I can not and will not try to make it happen! I can't.

When we try to rush on with life and ministry before God says GO, we take a huge risk of taking a wrong turn. I know, I've done it. All my good intentions are nothing without God's hand on it. So I will wait on my precious Lord to show me the path He has designed for me.

Okay now for the prayer thing! Last fall, I had the privilege of leading worship for a women's conference called "Keeping it Real". My friend Angela at Refresh My Soul, has felt called to write and speak and God gave her the vision for this conference. This particular weekend was the first one. It's a group of women speakers at various points in life and the overall theme is just being real with yourself, others and most importantly God. One of those speakers is K. She is the mom to 6 children and her testimony is powerful.

Angela had told me at our slumber party that K. had written a Bible study and was beginning to speak more often. Her study was finding it's way, or better said, God was placing the study in prisons! That was just a powerful thought to me. (So often we forget about those ladies.) I could not get her or those women doing the study out of my mind.

Every day last week God brought K. to my mind to pray for. Nothing specific just to pray, so I did. To this day, I don't know why and that is okay. So Sunday I'm reading Beth Moore's blog and some of the comments. There was an anonymous comment and I promise you that it was K. sharing a little of her story and what God was doing! I sat up a little more and thought about how God had K. comment for me. I'd been praying for her and this little comment was God's gift to me. I tell you again, God is in the smallest of all details of our lives!! Are you looking for Him?

I say that to say, when God puts someone on your mind. Pray for them! Goodness gracious each one of us needs all the prayer support we can get! It's one of the "perks" of being in the body of Christ. So, today when someone comes to your mind say a prayer for them. Then think about how awesome it would be to have someone do the same for you. I love you sweet sisters!


Refresh My Soul Blog said...

That is awesome Steph! I am going to ask her about that! I know she will think it is so precious you were praying for her. Really there are some awesome things that have taken place in her life! We are leaving on Friday for a speaker/writer conference and the way God got her through is amazing in itself!!! I may post the whole story so others can see or just email you when I get a chance. It is awesome. God showed up and I cannot wait to see what happens. Keep praying this weekend if we come to mind. P is going with us too! Also, K is going to introduce me to these people she is working with at a praise breakfast on next Tuesday am where Angela Thomas is speaking. It is all fun.
Love you!

Meg said...

That is so awesome! God is Sovereign! Every little detail...