Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Path

God keeps taking me to and bringing to me scripture that mentions the right path. The path that He designed just for me. Yesterday was the 20th and He had me read Proverbs 20:24 "How can we understand the road we travel? It is the Lord who directs our steps." Psalm 37:23 says that "The steps of the godly are directed by the Lord. He delights in every detail of their lives." (New Living Translation)

Oh how I love Him. He never ceases to amaze me at the way He provides just the word I need, when I need it! He has a specific plan for me and for you. Today verse 1-3 of Proverbs 21 really spoke to me. Verse 2 reminded me that there are times when I think what I'm doing is right, but that God examines my heart. I really had to think about what I'm doing in different areas of my life. What are my motives? Do I really want to be on this path God has designed for me, or do I try to manipulate it to look like what I think I should be doing? He tells us that He is more pleased when we do what is right than when we give him sacrifices.

I know the one thing He wants is my heart. Complete access to my heart. Right now that's what we're working on. My heart has to learn to be full or satisfied with HIM. Not a job, or a position. Not a house or financial security. Not a human relationship. Him. Just Him.

Please hear me. I am crazy about Him and love Him with every ounce of my being. But I have allowed this waiting thing to turn into an idol. That idol is occupying a portion of my heart. I'm wearing it proudly like a piece of customized jewelry and it consumes much of my thought life. I'm beginning to become "proud" of it. That is where the trouble is.

I think it's good to talk about where God has you and what you're learning in that place, but I'm putting to much emphasis on the waiting(the idol) and not enough on the Lord. For that I am sorry. I do feel it's okay to share the pain and the frustration of waiting this thing out. After all God wants us to encourage one another and we can't do that if we all walk around with a mask on, I want to be real with you. I want to be transparent, but I'm walking on the edge of giving glory to this idol instead of God.

Back to the path! My walk lately hasn't been totally on the path. I think I've sort of been running half on the path and half in the ditch next to it! Right now, God is pulling me up out of the ditch and retraining me to stay safely in the middle of His path. I get distracted so easily and we are working on keeping my mind and my eyes fixed on Him. He's reminding and retraining me to take every thought captive. To take those thoughts and give them to Him right then! It isn't an easy thing to do and I feel as if the enemy is pulling out all stops to try and distract me. As powerful as that enemy feels, God is stronger and mightier. He is my deliverer, my strong tower and He is more than enough to handle this enemy.

Psalm 64:8 is a favorite verse of mine. "I follow close behind you; your strong right hand holds me securely." The message says " I hold onto you for dear life!"
That's what I'm doing right now. I'm holding on for dear life, but there is such sweet rest in knowing that His strong right hand has me! Isn't He good!


Anonymous said...

It's so awesome that you even realize that. I know that I need to be patient. Every blog you write really makes me think about the things that are going on in my life. Thank you for being real. Your tranparency is such an encouragement to me.

Refresh My Soul Blog said...

I love you Steph! Been there too girl. Been there way too often! It amazes me how easily the heart slips! It is really deceitful above all things. Anyway, praying for you and I will talk to you soon. Isn't blogging the best thing ever! :)

The Small Scribbler said...


You know how the angel Gabriel told Mary that Elizabeth was experiencing a miraculous pregnancy just like she was? How gracious of God to give Mary a friend to journey through difficult territory with..someone who understood in a way that others could not. I've been thinking lately that you are an Elizabeth to me in this season in our lives.

God said the same thing to me yesterday that you have posted here in a slightly different way. I was whining to myself again about living here and God said, "Has it ever occurred to you that I just might want your undivided attention? I don't want you to serve me right now. I just want your company. I am enough for you. Stop looking at what you think you don't have and look at Me."

I am thankful for your friendship and your willingness to show frailty. I am greatly encouraged to keep pursuing God when you share your relationship with Him.


Meg said...

Thanks for your words today. They are a real encouragement to me...I am also in a waiting time right now and I do believe I have made it into an idol in my life...the waiting. Good thoughts! Have a good weekend. Meg

Meg said...

Hey Stephanie...can I put a quote from this post on my blog? The couple paragraphs about making the waiting an idol? I have been thinking a lot about that and want to work it out a little on my blog if that is ok with you...let me know. Thanks. Meg

Meg said...

Hi Stephanie. Thanks for letting me use your thoughts...I appreciate it so much.

Do you live near a Michael's? They often times offer a beginning knitting class. Or if there is a yarn store nearby, they probably offer classes, too. The stitching feels awkward at first...just stick with it and you will get the hang of it. Wish we lived closer. I love to teach people to knit! If you have some experience and just need a refresher, there is a neat website that has video clips of each of the techniques. That is a useful tool, even for an experienced knitter. Have a blessed weekend. Meg