Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Gram & Mack's Camp

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My parent's need your prayers this week! They have all the grandkids for Gram's Camp. Campers are:

My nieces Mia & Morgan: 11 months are only there Tuesday and Thursday.

My nephew Colin: 3

Chloe 8 (almost 9)

Emma 6

Today they were to finish up their t-shirts, and go to the children's musuem. After that, they will spend the afternoon on the slip & slide. Hopefully that will wear them out and maybe go to bed early tonight. My grandmother, their great-grandmother will be coming to lend mom a hand on Thursday. Apparently, the twins got a little jealous with all the other kids around!! I will say, while I was there they showed off a little for me. They are singing and trying so hard to talk. Both told me Bye-Bye. And I promise you one of them said apple, when I was standing next to the fruit bowl.

Chad found out we have to be at the hospital at 6:30 in the morning. Sooooooo, I guess we'll be turning in early as well. We are just glad that surgery day is finally here. He's sick of this and ready for it to be over! :)

I'm so thankful for God's faithfulness during this time. I'm believing Him for something and seeking His will in a matter. I have been for quite some time. Last night as we talked over dinner, we both agreed that all of these "dramatic events" of the past few weeks and months have been darts thrown by our enemy. But hear me: God has allowed each one to be thrown and I'm believing Him that each one of those darts has a purpose. I do not believe almighty God would allow anything like this to happen without a divine purpose.

He knows the plans He has thought toward us. He knew the day of our birth, the day we will see Him in glory and every second in between. How in the world can I not believe He doesn't have a goal for this short time period, these trials, in our life? So we are willing to take the hit so to say, knowing that this is all part of the Father's plan. His ways are so much higher. I can't begin to understand why, and honestly I don't need to. He's in control. I believe Him, and I trust Him. Period.


Meg said...

The camp looks like tons of fun! We have a Gram who lives with us (my sweet mother-in-law) is so good for the kids to spend time with grandparents. What a blessing. I'm praying for you and your hubby for the surgery. God is faithful. Bless you, Stephanie. Meg

Anonymous said...

Those last two paragraphs gave me chill bumps! It's so easy to be torn down when hard times come. Bless you for praising Him in the good times and in the storms. Stephanie, you are an encouragement to all.

Refresh My Soul Blog said...

You are encouraging to me as always! I will be praying. I am loving Gram's camp. I will pray for her as well.
Love you!

The Small Scribbler said...

If you have not read the I AM study at The Preacher's Wife go there. The study today is EXACTLY what you talk about here.

As for Gram's are blessed beyond measure with your sweet parents. Paul and I are already planning camp for our grandchildren. We are excited to be able to pass along a spiritual heritage when the time comes. I know Chloe and Emma will have a fabulous time.

Keep us posted about Chad.


Amy said...

Aren't Grandparents the best?!!! We are praying for Chad's surgery!!
Your blog continues to inspire me!

Love, Amy