Saturday, October 13, 2007

Do ALL for the Glory of God.

This summer I noticed that the my girls were developing a bad habit when chore time came around. During the school year I'm pretty organized as far as what has to be done daily. We break our chores down by morning/afternoon. Things we need to accomplish before school like make beds, straighten up bathroom... and hard cleaning like bathrooms, floors, windows..... for afternoon. Each afternoon has one pretty big chore and a couple of smaller tasks. The idea is that we spend less than one hour each day and the house stays in order. (Notice I said the IDEA.)

As I said, over the summer the chore chart pretty much slipped of the fridge into the garbage and we began to "wing" it. This doesn't work in my house. It seems that if I don't have the chore chart to back me up, chore time is miserable for all involved. I wind up doing everything and in a grumpy mood, the girls can't find anything they're looking for and Chad just can't understand why he finds white socks with lace trim in his sock drawer!!

Sooooo, I've started reciting this verse to the girls. "Whatever you do in work or deed, do ALL for the glory of God." Then we discuss the tasks we have to accomplish. When the first person starts to whine, "I don't want to...." I remind them that cleaning the toilet or folding a basket of laundry falls under ALL. Things are getting better and I'm finding that the attitudes are disappearing and my regular children are returning.

There is power in the Word sisters. :) Wonder Working Power.

We are using this verse in every part of our lives. For example....

This morning Chloe had her first Karate test. She was testing for her yellow belt. Emma tested for hers last month and did great. Chloe was showered and dressed before 7:30 this morning, she was ready. As I fixed her hair I asked her if she was nervous. She said a little, but not too much. We talked about doing her best and to do every punch/kick for God's glory. She smiled and said "I will!"

She was very intense the entire test and gave her all. At the end of the test, the instructors announced that everyone passed! That is awesome. These children and adults worked hard for 2 and 1/2 hours. Each one giving their all. Then they announced the two highest scores. One for the adults and one for the juniors (under 12 group).

Chloe had the highest test score in the juniors and took home the trophy! She was shocked, and so was I!! I knew she had done her best and that is all that mattered. I think what made me smile the most, was her genuine surprise and gratitude. It meant so much to her.

Way to go Chloe! I'm so proud of you. :)

Tonight as we sat down to dinner, Emma prayed. This is what she said word for word. "Thank you for Chloe doing her best and getting that trophy. Help her get it again next time." How sweet is that!! Little sis was just as proud of her big sis as Daddy and I were. That made it even better.


Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Yeah! Great job. I just love the power of words. Scripture is the best!

Much love,

Jackie said...

that's awesome. hope your weekend is treating you well. love ya-

The Stokes Family said...

Congratulations, Chloe!

You are SO right about the power of God's word--I find that when I use HIS words to correct and guide my children, they respond so differently. God has told us that His words "shall not return unto me void"--I'm claiming that promise!

Thanks for being such an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Chloe!! This is your cousin Erin. Hope all is going great! Stephanie reading your blogs has been so enjoyable and inspirational! I really hate that we all don't see each other more often! Tell the family hi for me!
Love you all, Erin

Leigh Gray said...

what a cutie - so cute i can almost not imagine her "hitting" soemthing!! special little one i am sure!!!


Abby said...

ahh!! that is awesome!! she looks so happy, and i know you are so proud!!

this verse has come up a LOT with my roommates and i when no one wants to clean the kitchen!!! we just have to change our thinking that we aren't doing it for each other (when you feel like you're the only one cleaning!!) ...when you clean the dishes for Jesus, there is actually hope of a smile!! ;)

Meg said...

Love the karate pictures! There is power in the Word! Yes!