Friday, October 26, 2007

More Pink in the House

Earlier this week, my brother, sister-in-law and nieces along with my Mom and Dad, spent the night with us on their way to the beach. It was great to have them here. It was the first time the babies have been here overnight.

Some of you know that my Dad on top of being being a Pastor, has a furniture business. This is the same business his father started almost 60 years ago. They have a God given gift in this area and do incredible work. Dad has done furniture for people as far away as California and currently has work in his Senator's DC office, among other places. Girls, he's just good.

Last May when the girls, my Mom and I were in New Mexico, Chloe saw a small ladies chair and fell in love with it. This summer she and my Mom sketched out the design and asked my Dad to do something similar. Here is the finished product. Mom and Dad delivered it while they were here!

Chloe loves pink and polka dots, so this fabric was just perfect. Do you see the 20 small buttons on the back of the chair? They continue into the curve of the arms. That is tufting done by hand. It is a very time consuming process, but the results are incredible.

Notice the darker pink welt on the chair. Nothing too fancy. Now look at the welt on the throw pillows. It's the same fabric as the pillows, just twisted for a different look.

I'm bragging on my Daddy a little bit I know. But you should see some of the work they do. He's got quite a team there. If you live near Chattanooga and can sew, he is always looking for a good seamstress! You'll have a chance to be creative and work for the best in the business!! And just so you know, I'm not the only one who thinks so! While they get requests for new business daily, the majority of their customers are generational!! My grandfather did their parent's furniture and now my father does their furniture. I think that says a lot.

The time they invest and detailed work given each piece,sets them apart. People know they are getting quality work. I have watched my Dad turn huge rolls of fabric to get the pattern just right. He can't stand to see the fabric on a seat cushion not line up with the fabric on the back cushion! He is into those fine little details! Dad's business kind of reminds me of what God does for us. We come to Him tattered, well worn, and covered in stains. God lovingly strips away the old, worn out, and stained. He restores from the inside out. Filling and repairing each weak spot of our being up to overflowing with Himself. He makes us strong from the inside out. Then He customizes a new garment, taking great care of each detail. When finished the old is transformed into a new creation. And we look nothing like our prior self!

One day, I'll post a picture of my red velvet chair. This is my favorite piece of furniture in the whole world. It's one of the last pieces my grandfather worked on by himself. It's stunning. He left quite a standard for my Dad to follow. But he told me one day that my Dad had done him proud.

Thanks for letting my brag on my Dad for a little while, you are the best siesta's ever. :)


Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Love this chair! It is beautiful! What a blessing and a gift.
Love ya!

Jackie said...

OH my goodness that is ADORABLE!!! If I could find that in the store I'd snatch it right up for my sweet Sara's cute!! Wow, what talent and what a sweet gift! Have a WONDERFUL weekend! love ya!

darla said...

My daughter and I are looking at your chair..and we have decided that it is definitely a princess chair..very suitable for you!

Fran said...

I am going to finally leave a comment on your wonderful blog Ms. Stephanie. I don't have girls but that chair is completely adorable!!
And, yes. You brag all day long about your sweet and talented daddy. Sounds like a fine man.

I have loved reading your posts. Especially the tv challenge. I really don't watch a lot of tv because of just being busy at night with my 3 kids and their stuff. But, I sure love me some tv. I see things hit and miss but not consistently. There are a couple of shows on right now on the network that starts with an "A" that I am just scratching my head over going "WHAT??!!"

Anyway...i could go on and on about the tv thing but I won't. I will say I think that is just awesome though. I am most proud of you and your obedience.

Anyway, sorry for the long comment.
Have a great weekend. And, I'm thrilled that your angel is allowing you to go to Siesta Fiesta. I'll be there too. It will be heaven on Earth.

Much love,

The Stokes Family said...

LOVE THE PINK CHAIR! How adorable and special, your dad is so talented . . . brag on!


jodi said...

That is absolutely beautiful! Very talented indeed!!! :)

Mommy Dot Com said...

Whatever you do don't sit in that chair. It is too lovely! Hang it up on the wall I tell you!

By the way I am shutting down my blog. I am only keeping it for personal use now to upload photos of children and record memories from time to time. I just don't have the time to be offical.

Love you!

Amy Wyatt said...

I didn't realize I would miss reading blogs so much the last two weeks. I have been dying to get back and get caught up. I skimmed tonight but hope to read in detail soon. I love the chair. I made a deal with myself about TV during the summer and the only show I am watching right now is Heroes. Everything else including movies has been completely cut out and suprisingly enough, I don't miss them. I plan to pass the mathetes award on this week and to tag someone since Amanda tagged me. It's going to take me awhile to catch up after being gone to NM and TN since Oct. 16. Missed reading your post while I was away. Can't wait to find out more about Freedom's Call.

DeAnna said...

What a beautiful chair. Brag on, girlfriend. I had forgotten that your dad did that. How blessed you are to have something so beautiful that was made with love by a family member that can become something handed down generation to generation. For a sentiment sap like me..... that's a 10 in my book.

Leah said...

Your comment about what God does with us reminded me of a conversation I had at the altar this morning with a precious woman who so wants to receive Christ but doesn't yet understand that He has done all the work and all she has to do is accept it. She kept saying to me 'I just don't want to mess it up. I've been so bad (sex, drugs, alcohol by her own admission) and I've tried this before and failed." I assured her that she will continue to fail until she lets Jesus do it through her. I begged her to please give Jesus a chance to work in and through her. She just wasn't ready yet. Her name was Christy. Please pray for her.


The Small Scribbler said...

The chair is so Chloe! You have every right to brag on your dad. He does great work!


Abby said...

what in the world, that chair is awesome!!! such a talented dad!! :)

Anonymous said...

Why can't I be talented like that?
Since I am in the area, I might just have to look your dad up!