Saturday, October 6, 2007

It's So Quiet Around Here

This morning we watched as 4 precious children, two parents and a van loaded down with luggage pulled away from our home. Yes, I got weepy but hid it well. It was still dark outside so no one noticed.

This week, Chad's sister and her husband along with the other staff members they serve with attended a conference here in Atlanta. We had the privilege of keeping our nieces and nephew while they they were in conference. On top of the 4 kids, my mother in law and her mother came down to visit. We have had a house full and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I love to have company, especially family.

Tonight, I'm going to post a few pictures (big surprise!) and I plan to get back to some serious blogging this week!

Uncle Chad with Peyton, Barron and Paddington. This is pretty much how it was for him the whole time they were here. :)

I tried to get a really good picture of all the grandkids with Nana and Great Grandmomma, but Emma and Barron were so over the pictures. So here is the result. I was laughing so hard at Barron that I cut half of GrandMomma out!

Here is Nana just a few minutes after she arrived. Emma is on her back and Peyton is just waking up to realize Nana is really here.

We didn't know that Great GrandMomma was coming! I was so surprised and excited to open that front door and see her smiling face there. She just glowed all weekend. Praise the Lord she is seeing a new Doctor and is like a new woman.

Peyton and I had so much fun drying her hair. Uncle Chad snapped this picture right after we were done. I wish he could have been a two seconds earlier. She turned around and grabbed my face and said "I love you." It melted my heart.

The "Big Girls". I wish I could let you know just how many theater productions we experienced this week. Each one involved orphans, gems, servants, and wealthy young ladies. In this particular play, one of the characters died. To top this off, each one had British accents. Very good British accents mind you. I see Tony awards in the future.

The little ones and I read.... a lot. In this picture we had two books going. It was very interesting. "GoodNight Moon" and "Going on a Bear Hunt" will never be the same.

Here is our only man child. His Mommy calls him her man-cake. And let me tell you...when that little man says "Hold You, Aunt Step-o-me"...I melt. If that isn't enough. He asks to sit in my lap and play the piano with me. What else can an Aunt ask for!!!!

It has been a wonderful week, exhausting, but wonderful. I praise the Lord that Steven and Lindsay were able to attend this conference together this year. And Linds. if you decide to go next year, I would love to have the kids again. :)


Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

How precious! What a neat time you had. Those are cute pics!

Much love,

Carol said...

I LOVE all the pictures! Too cute! I would have loved to see those productions. That is hilarious. And can I just tell you how beautiful you are? Do you ever take a bad picture? You always glow. I know it is Jesus in you.
Carol :)

Abby said...

hey there!! found you through lpm (and various other mutual bloggers)

those pictures are absolutely precious! :)

and i LOVE your blog title/description. amazing.

Anonymous said...

Joyce just introduced me to yours and Lindsay's blogs and I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading about whats going on with the two of you. We need to have a big family reunion sometime now that we have a place large enough to do that. If you ever need extra bedrooms when in Chattanooga we have plenty. Say hi to Chad. Love to you all,
Betsy (