Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Circle of Friends

Chloe has a really neat group of friends. She invited a few over last Saturday to celebrate her big day. We moved the coffee table out of the way, covered the area rug with beach towels and had a Spa party. Which means, I spent an hour painting little toe nails. I LOVED it.

This group of girls love to talk..imagine that. I knew that there would be a period of time that they would be waiting, so before the party I typed up a ton of questions, cut them out, folded them and placed them in a bowl.

In between the base coat and the top coat (which was polka dots) each one of them would draw a question, read it, and answer. It was neat to hear their responses. Some of the questions were just fun..."Today, what is your favorite song?"...or "What is your favorite book?"...BUT, something happened. As they gave their answers, each one of them would ask another girl and it would turn into a big group discussion. I was so proud of them. They included everyone and honored God in their conversation.

Here they are: M, N, G, Chloe, Emma, M. Thanks girls for a great party! You all are a ton of fun!


BethAnne said...

I love the ear piercing story, I love the community movie night (we do that after VBS, and I love the girlfriend party (sadly,we will never have any of those in our house).......

Julie said...

You are an awesome mom!!! How blessed our family is to have you. I love to read about other families making memories and this was a great memory!! You are great!! I loved the idea of the questions in the bowl!!

Leah Adams said...

What a cute idea!! You are such a cool mom!!

SEe you in San Antonio!!


Still Learning said...

Sounds like a fun party. I love the question bowl, I will have to remember that one.

Fran said...

I absolutely love these pictures Stephanie. I mean these girls are so precious and seem so happy to be together. What a gift for your daughter....true friendship.

I'll see you soon! Can't wait my friend. Truly cannot wait.

Peggy said...

Ocean Mommy...awesome time for your daughter's circle of friends.
Great celebration!

Stop by and visit with me soon... there will be something special waiting for you. It's in Tuesday the 12th of August post!

Still Sharing the Love & Friendship

Carol said...

Too cute!

Christina said...

Boy how I miss those days. This party looked like it was so much fun. What a neat way to celebrate.

Michele said...

How fun! I can't wait to this stuff with Jenna and her friends. With 2 boys first, somehow, a game of baseball outside is not near as much fun!

Kate said...

This looks like a very fun day! Happy Birthday, Chloe. You look so grown up with your new earrings.

Miss Kate