Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's down to hours....

My Siesta Fiesta countdown is down to hours. I have not packed the first thing. BUT I do have a list. A very detailed list with everything from my new brown and pink pj's (Thanks Dad and Mom) to my favorite pen and pencil. Go on and laugh...I can take it. Remember, this is the girl who sorts her silverware IN THE DISHWASHER.

Thanks for your prayers, I'm still fighting the stomach thing, but I did eat soup tonight! No crackers, just soup.

Chloe and Emma told me today they were really excited for me to go meet all of you in person, but that they didn't really want me to go. When I asked why, Emma admitted to being jealous that I was getting to go to a slumber party all weekend. I told her we were going to be doing more than the pj party. She seems to enjoy the
Siesta Momma as much as we all do. (She watches Wednesday's with Beth on Life Today with me sometimes.)

God has been so faithful in so many areas of my life, this trip included. I can't believe it's finally here. Even today, He reminded me that despite how I feel right now, He is in control. I have a date with the King this weekend and I can not wait.


Carol said...

Praying for you. Hope you feel better soon!

Leah Adams said...


I hope that you are feeling much better by the time you leave for San Antonio. Can't wait to see you there. We leave tomorrow and we are excited.

Give me a call or a text when you get in and get settled.


brenna said...

I hope you have a WONDERFUL time with all of your girls :-) You deserve this weekend!

Patty said...

brown and pink are some of my favorite colors and I bet your jammies are so cute and I am with you on the new pen. I buy a new pen every time I go to a conference. I am also jealous of your mom and dad going to the game in Cali!! I could so hang w/your family. How fun it would be to watch a game together. I came so close to having my nails painted orange. :))
Can't wait to see you!!

Fran said...

I bet you'll be perfectly perfect by the time you fly out Thursday!
I'm praying. I'm calling you tomorrow. I need to hear your sweet voice before Thursday.

Much love,

alliekat said...

Hope you feel better before you leave. Have a great time and learn alot for all of us!

BethAnne said...

You sort your silverware IN the dishwasher You might need counseling........;-)

You are going to have an awesome time that you will never forget....GO AND HAVE FUN!!!!