Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Prayer Need

UPDATE: Lindsay came through surgery just great, please pray that she will continue to wake up without getting sick! Also, please pray for the children (11 x 2 & 3 x2)mommy and daddy are about an hour away from home. Thanks so much!!

I've had another post spinning around in my mind for a while, but today isn't the day to share it. Today, my sister in law Lindsay is having surgery. In fact right now (10:30) she is probably about halfway through. SO, my heart and my mind and my focus is on her, her husband and the children.

Chad and I were talking this morning about how hard it is to be so far away right now. Everything in us wants to be there with them, but since we can't....we pray. And you know what....those prayers are heard and hand carried to the Father by Jesus Himself. I would love it if you would say a quick prayer for Linds. Pray that the surgeon is able to take that infected portion out and I'm specifically praying that if there is anything else there that he will see it and be able to remove it. You can read more about what's going with her here.

Thanks bloggy are the best!


Still Learning said...

One more prayer... already given. I hope to hear soon she is doing well.

Have a blessed day,


Fran said...

Hoping she is recovering beautifully. Keeping her in my prayers today.