Monday, August 25, 2008

Siesta Fiesta Number 2

My heart is so full. I am still reading over my notes and absorbing what God showed me this past weekend. At some point, I'm going to share a little of that here. One thing that just continues to stick out was the number of women there ready to meet with God. It was incredible to be one of 10,000 worshipping at the same time. Fran sent me a text last night saying if that was what Heaven would be like, then come Lord Jesus! I agree 110%!!!

Here are a few more pictures....

A few new Siesta friends at lunch on Friday. You two that told me you read my blog but don't comment better leave me one!! I know who you are! :) Seriously, it was so nice to meet you face to face. I'm praying for you!

Leah from The's a shame we live about an hour apart and had to go to San Antonio to meet!! I'm looking forward to a coffee date at the mall! :)

This sweet siesta is Jenmom. We've been e-mailing and praying for each other for about a year now. It was so neat to watch God orchestrate her trip like He did mine. I'm so glad I finally got to hug her neck! We may have to figure out a bloggy baby shower for her in a few months!

One of my roomates Darlene R from Have You Seen My Keys? don't you love that blog title! Darlene is precious and I SO enjoyed getting to know her better. Darlene, I'm wearing our prayer ring right now.

Darlene had her picture taken with the "Miesta" right before I'll have to ask her why we are laughing's pretty funny. :)

The I really need to say anything else. He and his team ushered us into the throne room Friday and Saturday. I don't know about anyone else, but I could listen "Mercy Seat" over and over again....

Each one of these people were part of a gift God gave me this weekend and I'm so thankful to have been part of it.

My little girls are saying they are HUNGRY!!! I guess it's time to come back to reality. I'm off to cook and then have to go rehearse with Freedom's Call. I can't wait to share with those girls what God did this weekend. They will LOVE it.


Leah said...

Hi girl,

We are definitely going to get together soon. I'm going to head down to Atlanta and we are going to do lunch or coffee or something.

Can I use the picture that you posted of the two of us on my blog? I think I can copy and paste it if you don't mind. It is a great picture.

Take care and continue chewing on all He gave us this weekend. I certainly left a changed woman.


jenmom said...

Hey Steph! It WAS such a blessing to finally get to meet you! You were as sweet and precious as I thought you would be!
I too am going to take tomorrow to look back through my notes as well! I figure I'll be processing that WORD for quite some time!!!!!
If you and your sweet family ever vacation in Florida, we will certainly have to get together!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you! It looks like you had a great time! I love "Mercy Seat" too. Did he have the worship team with him? I've been checking your blog religously since yesterday afternoon because I was so anxious to hear about everything! I hope that I can go next time. Hopefully by then I will have an UPDATED blog! That is my goal after Addy is born! (tomorrow is my due date...yay!)-much love! -Haley

Fran said...

Could you explain to me why you are laughing in the pix with Travis???

And...I just got back from Walgreens and laughed the whole way there thinking about all the oh so funny stuff that was said.

How about a shout out to Ramen??

Melinda said...

It was so fun to meet you! You are just precious...I'll look forward to popping over here more often! Wasn't it just the most amazing weekend?

Love to you this day,

BethAnne said...

You are just too cute!!

Carol said...

Too fun!!! Can't wait to hear more!

Nesha said...

Oh, how I loved to be able to hug your neck in person! I will forever be blessed from this weekend. I am constantly thinking about all that was said by Him and the siestas. Wow!

Heather said...

Steph- I am loving getting to live through you with these pics!
You are just a doll, by the way! You are precious! (inside and out!)
Love ya!

Sheri Lyn said...

I'm so jealous - wish I could have been there to meet all of you. Praying there will be a next time. Thanks for sharing with us that couldn't be a part. I'm sooooooooooooo glad y'all had a wonderful time with each other and especially with our Lord!! I'm from GA living in Illinois. We lived in Cumming for 4 years! My parents are in So Ga and my husbands are in Athens! Hope to meet you one day!

Lora said...

Greetings Steph! It was a pleasure to meet you in person! I was so drawn to your blog by a comment you made over at LPM.

And after reading this post, I am finally leaving a comment! I'm in the center of the first picture! And thank you kindly for your prayers!

For His Name,

Georgia4God said...

Steph, weren't you laughing because I couldn't take the picture cuz it was on video?? or was that someone else's camera.. hmm anyway.. fun times.. I swear.. everytime I see pictures, I just start laughing all over again!

ocean mommy said...


We were laughing because the little video thing happened with Darlene R's camera right before you took that one. (Thank you by the way!) I think Travis is paranoid that that particular video is going to show up on her blog! He was so funny standing there for 30 seconds with that frozen smile. :)

jodi said...

What? You and Travis Cottrel? Are you kidding me???

Darlene R. said...

I have already promised the Miesta that the video is forever "locked up", never to be viewed in bloggyland! We look totally dorky in it! It's pretty funny!

Hey and I didn't get your cell. I want to be able to text you, girly! ;)

love ya!

Teri~Facedown said...

Just stopping by to say hi! How has your post-fiesta week been? OH! And how did your hubby like your shirt?

The Small Scribbler said...


It looks like you had SO MUCH FUN at the Siesta weekend. I'm glad you could go. A little preview of heaven.