Saturday, August 2, 2008

So what did you do this weekend?

We had a birthday party. The first of 4 in our family this month!! I'm going to post A LOT of photos. :)

My beautiful little nieces turned 2 today. Their vocabulary has expanded since the last time I saw them...I'm still waiting to hear the say "Aunt Steffie", but to have them look up and say "Mo cake peeze", well how can anyone resist that? I sure couldn't and Uncle Chad couldn't either. I caught him dipping cake into the chocolate fondue and giving it to Morgan. She turned around looked up at me, grinned REAL big and said "I like him!"

Here is Gram's. She gives the best party.. :) Chloe and Emma decorated while she cooked. They also helped make some AWESOME cupcakes and a pretty incredible cake!

About six months ago I shared with you that my 90 year old grandmother M. had prayed to receive Christ as Savior..well here she is (On the left) with my grandmother F.

The gentleman on the left is my grandmother F.'s man friend G. They are not dating. They just have dinner every night and grocery shop together, and play bridge together, and walk together...but they are NOT dating. Grandmother and G. go together like peanut butter and jelly. That handsome man on the right is my papaw.

This is my brother, Mia and Morgan's daddy.

My beautiful sister in law's Dad and brother who are in from out of town.

Eating Cake!!!



My Girls

Family photo

Aren't you impressed that after unknown amounts of cake, ice cream, and other sweets, these little ones sat completely still for a family picture?!!!!

Well check this out....

And this...THIS is more like it..

This is the ONLY picture of my dad! Chloe took this, I don't how I missed him! He must have been hiding with Chad because he isn't any of these either. Well get them at the next party. :)

We are home and coming down off of a major sugar high! I can't wait to do this again next weekend, and the next...and then..



TAMI said...

Our family is "all alone" here in SoCal with no other family. Your multi-generational birthday party photos make me yearn for a grandma!!

Leah said...

Fun family pics. Love them!! Thanks for sharing!!

I did the Beth Moore Simulcast!! It was awesome. We had about 100 women and 1 brave man at our church.


Fran said...

Your family is sooooo beautiful. Your grandmothers face melted my heart. Your dad made me laugh! :)

Glad it was so good.

The Small Scribbler said...

Laughing at the dad picture. And the action shots of the twins.