Thursday, August 14, 2008

In Just One Week

In just one short week, I leave for San Antonio. I can not believe that it is finally here.

From the moment Living Proof announced Siesta Fiesta, I knew I wanted to go. Everything in me wanted to go! I sheepishly brought it up to Chad and he was all for it, saying "Go! God will provide..." I somewhat doubted that He would just give me a ticket, airfare, hotel money and any other expenses that would pop up. At that point in our life, there was NO extra money. NONE.

Shortly after this conversation with Chad, I received an e-mail from a certain Princess Siesta. She had already purchased a ticket to the San Antonio Siesta Fiesta and knew that she could not attend. She offered that ticket to me. I was amazed, God had provided the first part of my trip. That was almost one year ago.

In January, I began to look at airfare. The prices weren't THAT bad, but when there isn't a lot of extra money, they still seemed impossible. I remember that first night, Chad saying..."Those aren't bad, we'll just have to wait a little closer and pray that they don't go up too much."

We checked in March...they had gone down but we didn't have the money.

In May...we checked and they were about the same.

Mid June God provided and when we went on-line to purchase my tickets...the price was no where near what it had been in May. I will never forget looking at the computer screen and saying..."this can not be right."

I started a new search to check again. Same price.

The price had been cut...more than in half. God provided. Again.

So I sit here..just 6 days away from Siesta Fiesta. I feel like this journey began about a year ago! I am still believing God to provide the last little bit AND to calm this anxious girl down!

Anxious isn't the right word. I'm eager. Eager to meet so many of you! Eager to worship with other women who are serious about their Savior. Eager to hear your stories. Most of all I'm eager to see what God has in store for us. I have a feeling that He is about to pour something over us that we can't imagine. I want it.

One more thing...and this is so typical Stephanie that those of you who know me will just laugh.

I love to travel but I HATE airports. BIG TIME. And I hate even more to be in an airport ALONE. It just creeps me out. SO...for me to fly into San Antonio without a flying buddy is huge. HUGE I tell you. I have been praying for several weeks that God would orchestrate me meeting a siesta in the airport to share a cab to the hotel with. He did. :) Emily and I come in just a few minutes apart and I can not wait!! Emily...your eyes will be the first Siesta Eyes I see in person! I can not wait!!!!

Isn't God good.


Fran said...

I'm just crying here Stephanie!!!
Not only is He giving you one Siesta....but two!!! :) I may be bawling like a baby when I see y'all!!!

Love you to pieces!

TAMI said...

What a glorious testimony to God's goodness upon you!! My favorite part is when you were describing what God is about to do/pour out and your anticipating response of "I want it."

May the feast He's uniquely prepared for you be one that both satisfies and makes you hungry for more!!

Carol said...

This is so awesome!! I am so excited for you. I'll be praying everything goes well.

jenmom said...

Oh Steph, I am so excited I am about to bust!!!! I can not wait to meet you and hug your neck!!!!
God too worked out every amazing detail for me to go to San Antonio. I too am anticipating an amazing outpouring of God's love and Holy Spirit over us. There are toooooo many stories of how God has put just the group together that will be there for a purpose!!
And by the way, I will be flying into San Antonio from Fr. Myers, FL all by myself also. So, lets lift each other up in prayer!!!
Just a few more days girl!!!!!!

Cheri said...

With all that God put together've got to know something good is in store!

Leah Adams said...

Can't wait to see you!! I am so excited!! We are going in on Wednesday for the Lifeway event but I'll be eager to meet up with you later in the week.


BethAnne said...

God worked it out and I cant wait to see what He does in your life druing your time in SA........I also still wish I was going and staying in the room with you guys!!!!! ;-(

Emily said...

Yay!!! I am so excited too, God is so amazing, isn't He?! You have no idea how happy I am to have some siestas to ride to the hotel with! is all working out:)
Can't wait to meet you!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing the update and it's amazing how God took care of every detail from the very beginning to the final part of it and I pray and know He will continue to take of it while you're out there.

Enjoy yourself and it's wonderful/great to have a Heavenly Father that's involved in every area of our lives if we allow him and use our eyes of faith.

Teresa said...

Stephanie, I am sooo excited for all ya'll and just talked to Fran today and reminded her that I will be praying for all ya'll...maybe I'll meet you next year in Memphis! I want to hear lots of details when you gals get back!

Darlene R. said...

I'm so excited to meet you! I have to fly in alone on Friday and I just hope that I can get to the hotel and meet up with you all in time for lunch! Pray that I won't have any delays! I'm wishing now that I would have flown in on Thursday, but this is how it worked the best.

Looking forward to hugging your neck!