Saturday, September 27, 2008

Filled Up

And I'm not talking about my gas tank...we are still in search for gas for my car!!

I'm talking about my heart, my mind and my soul.

Filled to overflowing.

Women of Faith this weekend was simply an extravagant gift from God to me. I was surrounded by some precious mom, the two ladies from her church, two of my Freedom's Call partners, our church women's ministry director and a host of women I do not know!

I saw Carol and Amy across the crowded arena this afternoon. We were all getting our praise on with Nicole C. Mullen. (In my glorified body I'm going to have arms like hers.) AND a sweet kiss from the King was the moment I met Jess!! She found me in the coffee line this afternoon. :) Let me just tell you, she is the sweetest most beautiful young lady! I can't wait to see her again.

The worship team was wonderful.

The speakers...powerful and bold, and at the same time delicate and vulnerable.

My sides hurt from laughing HARD.

My eyes are puffy from tears.

My heart..

It's full.

I saw living, breathing Trophies of Grace on that platform.

It was so precious to see women in all "seasons" of life. Each one pouring out the message God gave them.

There was one thing God spoke to me and I'll share that Monday, but I want to share a thought that just hit me in the gut. Last night Sheila Walsh shared. (She followed Max HELLO would you want to follow that???) Well she did and I'm telling you, I could have listened to her all night long.

Anyway...she said something to the effect of: we act as if prayer is meant to stop the battle from coming. BUT prayer IS the battle! It's where we get our orders from the Commander and Chief! Goodness gracious I'm starting to get worked up. I can't wait to get into her book!

There is so much I want to tell you! SO much. I want to thank you for praying for the lady I mentioned in my previous post. (The lady who buried her daughter just one week ago) God used each and every speaker to minister to her.

I'm telling you, I felt like God had written her a letter and each speaker had a paragraph or two to give her. She allowed herself to grieve this morning. Something I'm not sure she's been able to do yet. It was hard to watch, but at the same time, she was receiving a word straight from God and I think she was overcome with it all. Praise Jesus for this weekend for her. I'm still blown away at the timing of this event in her life. mind is working overtime and Chad is actually asking to hear about the weekend, so I'm going to go talk his ears off.....

Have a great Sunday.


jodi said...

That sounds so wonderful! I can just hear Sheila talking in her accent, speaking the truth on prayer. What a battle it is! :)

Glad you got to go! And glad you got to meet my Sis!

Patty said...

Praise God!!! I can't wait to hear more!!!


connorcolesmom said...

I am so glad all went well and what a blessing that the lady heard God speak so clearly to her - Thank you Lord :)
Love ya sweet friend

jennyhope said...

Girl I love what she said about prayer being the battle. That is why the enemy does everything he can to distract us from prayer!

Leah said...

Can't wait to hear more!! Sounds like an awesome worship experience!!


darla said...

so true..prayer is the battle..and then our you Princess, glad you had the chance to go to this WOF, and to walk along a dear sister at her time of great loss...God is also using you!

Carol said...

Girl! I was so good! I was busting a move for Jesus! I can't believe you saw us. I was looking for you but never found you. I am still floating. God SPOKE to Amy, like up close and personal. I hope she blogs about it. I was real real close to the ugly cry. Umm. Good stuff.

Teresa said...

Oh! I'm looking forward to hearing more! I love to hear the sweet nuggets that the Lord gives each one of us!

ps: think the Lord will give us both arms like Nicole's?

Fran said...

Oh gosh Steph....I just had tears in my eyes thinking about prayer being our link to our commander and chief. I just can't wait to hear more. I need some! :)

So glad that it was amazing.
Blessings sweet friend.

Heather said...

Yeah! I am so thankful for all your blessings last weekend! You are a blessing to me- and so many!