Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday Mornings

I love Saturday morning. It is the only morning of the week when everyone can be relaxed. You know, get up when you want to...shower when you want and generally be lazy together. Not so much this morning though.

I've been awake since 4:45...that is when "the cricket" started singing. We had an entire weekend of cricket excitement a week ago. The thing "sang" 8-10 hours straight Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. All.Night.Long. Chad...well....Chad wasn't exactly in the best of moods after several nights of constant chirping. We thought that the thing had died or moved on. I even thanked Jesus for it!

I woke early this morning to an all to familiar "chirp". It doesn't really bother me, but it annoys the hound out of the man. (It was all I could do not to lean over and whisper in his ear..."It's baaack!" I'll have you know, I controlled myself.

I knew he wanted to sleep in so I got up and started making breakfast. (From scratch pancakes, just call me Martha Stewart. Those of you who know me in real life can stop laughing now. Thank you.) As I was coming out of the pantry, I looked up to find Chad, arms crossed staring right at me. His words to me were:

"Did. you. hear. it."

No smile, no good hearted chuckle. Just a flat, monotone, ticked off "Did you hear it?"

I had to laugh and told him yes, I heard God's creature serenading us in the wee hours of the morning...okay maybe I didn't say THAT. I did say yes and I really tried NOT to laugh at him, but a little bit slipped out. He started laughing and enjoyed breakfast.

Right now...he's outside working in the yard. (I think he's hunting down crickets.)

The girls are taking their American Girl dolls on a walk.

And I, I'm enjoying silence.

Trust me it won't last long. There are THREE MAJOR FOOTBALL GAMES ON TODAY!!!!
And we are going to need to cheer LOUD once our beloved Vols take on those nasty Gators.

Enough time on this computer it's a cool, beautiful fall morning and I'm headed out to pull some weeds and plant some flowers on my mud day that backyard is going to look good!

I hope your Saturday is filled with fun and family!!!


Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Love it! Sorry about the cricket! I love Saturdays too.
Much love,

Teresa said...

I too am enjoying a quite Saturday morning! (all three children are at friends!)
I'm all set for a miracle in Neyland this afternoon!!!!
have a wonderful Sat. and get those weeds pulled before the game!
Go Vols!
ps: pray that I get this teaching written before the game!!!

Kim @ My Journey said...

Happy Saturday! Yours sounds wonderful. LOVE lazy Saturday mornings. Oh, the crickets! They are impossible to find ~ yet can drive you crazy!!!

The Small Scribbler said...

I'll take the cricket any day. We have cockroaches. You want to trade? Enjoy your Saturday.


BethAnne said...

Okay, I have hauled rock, blocks (cinder, not lego), wooden boards, raked gravel, moved scaffolding and mulched around our whole house - started at 7:30 finished at 7:30.......BUT I did hear the TN game on the radio.....can I just say that I am not a Gator hater cause that would be unGodly of me, but I am a major gator disliker........dern them gators!!!!

Profbaugh said...


You never fail to make me smile. I just wish I could say Saturday was as relaxing as yours. Glad you enjoyed it.


Fran said...

Now I love the sound of some crickets in the EVENING...not waking me up...i'm with Chad.

No miracle at Neyland huh? But what about that Auburn LSU game??
Holy cow that was exciting!

Happy Sunday my friend!