Monday, September 8, 2008

What Shelly the Turtle Taught Me

Our weekend was over so fast and we had a hard time getting started this morning. About the time we were all ready to just go back to bed, I looked out the window and "Shelly" was back.

Shelly is a turtle that Chad found in the street in front of our neighborhood last week. He brought it home to squeals from Emma who has ALWAYS loved turtles. (in fact her favorite dress as a toddler was a sweet little bishop style smocked dress with turtles around the neck...too cute)

So anyway, Shelly escaped from our backyard last Wednesday while we were all at church. There were many tears. Emma expressed her grief by drawing a picture of the turtle crawling in the grass and writing this above her..."Shelly. We lost her." Oh the drama.

Back to this morning, I looked out the loft window and saw Shelly, or one of her cousins, hanging out in the road in front of our house. I jumped out of my chair and said "GIRLS!! SHELLY is out there!"

In not time, we all found shoes and were sitting with this turtle on our driveway. Emma asked her all sorts of questions. I wasn't convinced that this turtle was the same one that Chad had brought home, but the girls were "absolutely sure". They kept saying that's her mark, we KNOW that this is Shelly. Well okay, who am I to argue with these two...and after the first 45 minutes of school, I really didn't have the energy to argue!

We sat there for quite sometime just watching this turtle. Bless it's heart it was scared to death. I asked Chad later if "Shelly" from last week had a specific mark on her belly. He said, yes and that he had shown it to the girls. They were right. They had spent very little time with this turtle but they knew there was something special about her.(or him)

I was reminded that there are times when we, as Christians are drawn to each other. We may not know each other very well BUT we recognize the bond we share, the Holy Spirit. That was made clear to me tonight.

We came home from an errand to find the entrance to our neighborhood blocked by firetrucks and police cars. Our hearts sank as we realized that a horrible accident had taken place, the car that was so badly damaged was our across the street neighbor.

This family is the type of neighbor you want to have. So it was very disturbing for the girls to see his car like that.

I've suspected for sometime that they are believers, we seem to leave on Sunday's about the same time...I see her with her Bible, but we have never had a conversation long enough to find out for sure. (I'm really a little embarrassed to say that to be honest)

This post is so long, I'm sorry....but I've got to share what happened.

Anyway...we got home and had several of the neighborhood kids in our yard. Chad and I were doing some yard work when I saw her pull back into her driveway. (She had been at the entrance with her husband waiting on the ambulance to arrive) She hurried in and shut the garage door, I just prayed.

It wasn't anytime and that door went up again. I caught her attention and walked over to find out that her husband was already on his way to the hospital and she would meet them there. When I asked "can I do anything for you?" Her only response was "pray". I stepped closer and said "Can I do that right now with you?"

Her tears said enough. I took her sweet little hand and began to pray and you know what happened?

She.did.too. And I mean P.R.A.Y. with me. I LOVE THAT!!!

That sneakin' suspicion I've had for the past two years was the HOLY SPIRIT saying...HELLO...YOU HAVE A SISTER ACROSS THE STREET....

I knew she was marked with the blood of Jesus, and I get the impression she had been wondering about us. Now we know and when Mr. P. comes home from that hospital, we are going to praise Jesus with them.

As I walked back across the street to my yard full of kids, I thought...okay what about that neighbor, and that one....what if they aren't marked or covered, by the blood of Jesus?

I've got some prayer walking to do......


Jess said...

Wow, Steph. What a great post! I love it. The whole part w/ the girls being so tender toward Shelly. The part about 'knowing' Shelly in a way not everyone would - and relating it to those who are in Christ. And then the sweet ending w/ your neighbor! Awesome. I know it meant a lot to her, too.

Leah said...

The Lord has been speaking to me lately about being bolder in my witness and it looks like He gave you the perfect opportunity to step out and be bold. Go, girl.

Thanks for the sweet story about Shelly and the girls!!

Love ya,


BethAnne said...

What an awesome story. I know you really blessed her by praying with her. I hope her husband is all right.

Kim said...

What a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing this story!

Carol said...

This was great. I've been trying to get to know my neighbors better as well.

Julie said...

I hope your neighbor experiences little pain and recovers quickly. The bond of the Holy Spirit is one of the most peaceful, yet undescribable privileges we have.

Heather said...

This gave me chills- that is so awesome! You're a blessing, Steph. I love hearing stories about you and your girls, and the impact you have on everyone around you for JESUS!

Fran said...

Oh Steph!! I'm in tears. I'm praying with you and really for all of us do be bold, courageous, and so sweetly marked by Jesus that others may even just run to us. :)

Much love,

Nikki said...

That's really great! I hope her husband is ok...

Profbaugh said...

Praise the LORD!!! You go girl and don't stop until you've met them all. Of course, I now have to exam my own need to walk the neighborhood.

Funny, how one little blog can be so convicting.

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Wow Steph! What a blessing you are! This was a great post and a wonderful reminder for me to get out there and be courageous with talking to my neighbors! You and your girls are precious!

Anonymous said...

...And how awesome to P.R.A.Y. with your neighbor! I know what you mean about having that bonded feeling inside of you towards another sister or brother in Christ!

HisGeorgiaPeach said...

That is an awesome story (and convicting too)! Looks like you found a new sister-in- Christ. It definitely made me think about my neighbors and all the different ways I can use my witness for His glory. I pray that He gives all of us the courage and boldness we need to reach others around us. Thank you so much for this post! :)