Thursday, September 4, 2008

Next week, I'm having the ladies from our Sunday School class over for dinner and Bible study. I'm really looking forward to it, this is what I LOVE doing.

I've been asking God what Bible study is to look like that night and I keep hearing one word. It's a word that began to resonate with me about two weeks before San Antonio. In fact, God gave me the word in a passage the morning I left for the Fiesta. Then to top it off, the word Beth taught on was closely related. I'm not going to elaborate too much just in case anyone from class is reading this!

In fact, Sunday morning in between services, a choir member that I don't know very well walks up to me with a plastic bag. She gives an encouraging word to Freedom's Call and then she looks at me and says, "I have something for you. I made this for you with the help of my grandson. It's a _____ box." (The blank is THE WORD I AM DETERMINED NOT TO GIVE AWAY!!!)

I know my jaw hit the floor. I explained to her that what she had put in this box was my primary love language and that I would treasure it. As she walked away, the tears, they were on the verge of rolling and the ugly cry was just about to make an appearance! I was so overwhelmed and honestly I just wanted to get flat before the Lord, but we had to sing one more time...

I say all this to remind myself that even when it feels like God is not moving, He is. He is active all the time. He is working out things even now. I want to live looking for Him and the work of His hands, but I also want to be used by His hands.

That sweet choir member blessed my socks off Sunday morning, I want with all my heart to do that same thing to someone today.


Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Oh girl-I know you will have a great time and I want to hear all about it.
Much love,

Profbaugh said...

Hum. . . can't wait to hear what your Bible study choice is. I hope you know just how much you blessed me during the Siesta Fiesta. His light definitely shines through you, Steph.

Love ya,

Patty said...

That is so sweet. Don't you hate the ugly cry? I had an ugly cry on Monday night. heehee

I can't wait to read about what you will be teaching. In fact, feel free to email me. :))

Have a great weekend!!!


Dionna said...

Thanks for the reminder that God is moving even when I can't see it. Sometimes I think He WILL move or He CAN move but forget that He actually still IS moving.

BethAnne said...

Be sure to tell those of us who cant be there every single detail.........cant wait to hear all about it.
Dont you love it when God does things like having that person give you that box? It's like His way of delivering flowers- The box is from Him, but sent by a delivery person.......I love that.

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

amen sister - active all the time!! love, Leigh

Julie said...

I am so glad you were blessed and I can't wait to hear how the Bible study and dinner goes!!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear the word! I wish I could be there!

Cheri said...

I just love how he orchestrates everything!

Heather said...

"Even when it feels like God isn't moving, He is." Thank you for this, Steph. I need to be reminded of it!
Can't wait to find out what that word is!!!!

Kim said...

Recently found your blog.... And, this post is just beautiful! Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

Leah said...

Don'tcha just love Him!! Eager to hear what the Bible study will be!! Love ya,


Melinda said...

I'm very intrigued with that "missing" word! I LOVE me some words!

Can't wait to read about what y'all are studying!


Debra said...

Ok have got to fill in the ______! You must spread the word...right. Pass it on!!!

I hope your Bible Study and Dinner went well.

I am new to the blog world if you have time this week please visit and say hello!

Bev Brandon said...

Freedom's Call---He is calling you closer Steph. It was such a privilege to be in your presence and Psalm 34:5 - you look to HIM and are radiant. I was taken aback! I've thought about you so many times since LPL and prayed for you and thought deeply about you. You will not miss the grace of your beautiful God - Jonah 2:8. His words to you are your very life! Deut 32:47.

Carol said...

I was already excited, but now - oh my! I can't wait. I've been covering it and you in prayer.