Thursday, September 18, 2008

God Stop Friday

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I've known since Tuesday what I wanted to share with you this week. In fact, I've avoided posting so I didn't slip up and tell you early!!

The women's ministry team I'm part of (Freedom's Call) has an event this Monday, Sept. 22 in Charlotte. It is the first time since I've joined the team that all five of us have been at an event together. To say that we are excited is an understatement. God has done quite a bit of work in all five of our lives over the last year preparing us for our "now". It is a year of testimony that sends me to me knees each time I think about it.

Jill our teacher, asked the worship team earlier in September if any of us still had our wedding dresses and more importantly, could we still get into them!! Well I'll have you know....I do and I's the proof!!

THIS is a God Stop in and of itself, but this isn't what I'm about to pop out of my skin to tell you! (Maybe pop out of the dress...!)

At the end of Jill's teaching she wanted one member to sing "Beauty for Ashes" and for one of us to come out in our wedding dress.

Well.....I could get in, but walking around was another story :) Things, ummm, change after babies. ;)

Anyway...Monday night we came up with a really cool thing to go on during the song, took a video of it and felt like it was awesome. We had chills just watching it.

Jill loved what we had come up with, but still felt like we needed someone IN THE DRESS. SO...

We began to pray. Since we were less than 7 days away from the event, renting a dress was out of the picture.

One of our worship team members (the girl that will actually be the main character in this drama) was running errands with her husband on Tuesday. While he stood in the LONG line at the tag office, she ran across the street to a thrift store just in case they had a dress we could use.

They had three. (Understand, Amy is about an inch shorter than me. Dresses that fit us don't exist!)

Of the three dresses only one was anywhere close to fitting her so she grabbed it to try on.

It was perfect! It would slide over her "bag lady" clothes she would begin this drama in. PLUS it was pretty, I've seen it and it is very pretty!

She looked at the price tag $69.

$69 she didn't have.

Then she noticed a strange yellow sticker on the tag. She asked the clerk what that meant. This was her response...

"For today that dress is .99"

99 CENTS GIRLS!! 99 CENTS!!!!!

When she checked out she wound up paying $1.05 for a wedding dress. you think it was any coincidence that Tuesday was the day THAT dress would be marked down? I don't. That was nothing but God Almighty showing off for Freedom's Call.

He was our Provider once again.

I can't wait to see what He does in Charlotte on Monday night!!


Leah said...

Oh, isn't He just such a cooooolll God!! I just love Him so. You look so beautiful in your wedding dress. I'll be praying for ya'll.


Heather C said...

That is amazing! How like our God! He is both good AND great! I'm rejoicing with you and can't wait to hear more!

BethAnne said...

That is the only $.99 wedding dress in the history of EVER!!!

Do the rest of us get to see this video by any chance? You know you cant talk about it and not show it to us, right?

ocean mommy said...


We are hoping to video the "real thing" Monday night. The practice video we did Monday night was...well it worked for us, but we cut our heads off!!! I'll at least post some pictures, if I can't do the video thing. :)

Christina said...

You look amazing in your dress. What a beautiful bride you make. I am so glad you are going to have this time with these women and boy a wedding dress for .99 cents. Only God could of pulled that one off. I can't wait to hear more about this event.

The Small Scribbler said...

How exciting! Today we needed to find an afro, a fairy dress, and some tacky seventies clothes. God came through for that too. Gotta love the thrift store.

Eventually there will be pictures.


Patty said...

That is so AWESOME!!!! I can hardly stand it!! Why do we doubt or have unbelief in God?!! He cares about every detail of our lives and I am praying for you!!! I can't wait to hear updates.

BTW..I want people to come here and read this, would you sign the Mr. Linky on my blog?

Thank you for sharing.
Love you,

p.s. cheer our VOLS on this week. BIG game!

Fran said...

How awesome is that??!!! And, I love the picture too!

I'll be praying for you Steph. Praying for GOd's favor, His hand, and His presence to pour out of all of you.


Darlene R. said...

That is so cool! $.99 is crazy for a wedding dress!!!

God does provide!

Yes, we DO want to see pictures or a video or whatever!


connorcolesmom said...

That is incredible or should I just say - that is all GOD!
Love ya

Heather said...

NO WAY! ONE DOLLAR!!! Crazy how God loves to surprise us with His love and grace! You look great in your dress- I am thinking I might need to see if mine still fits?!?!?
Can't wait to hear about the event!

Georgia4God said...

oh my gosh!! that's the coolest thing I've ever heard.. I just know God's gonna do some awesome stuff for ya'll next week!!!

Kim @ My Journey said...

Awesome story! Thanks for sharing it. But, let me say how impressed I am that you can get into your beautiful wedding dress. I would hate to think what would happen if I tried! :)

Have a wonderful time!!!!

Carol said...

THAT IS SO COOL!!!! I love it when HE does stuff like that. Unbelievable! 99 cents?

The Stokes Family said...

That is so amazing, God is definitely in the details! And WOW--you still got into your wedding dress too, lol! I can get the bottom half of mine zipped up, but something happened to my ribcage/chest area, lol, after having three children, and it won't go ANY further up! Oh well . . .

Bev Brandon said...

That gave me goosebumps---what a precious story. 99 cents. Ooooh~

Do you change your furniture in your house a lot?

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Girl that is so great! I am excited to hear about it.
Much love,
Lifting prayers for you all!