Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day

We have had a whirlwind of a weekend. It's Tuesday morning and we are ALL struggling to concentrate, so I've declared an early lunch and a nap for everyone.
I'm blogging instead of napping, what is wrong with that?!?!

Freedom's Call sang in our Sunday morning services. As soon as we were done in the second service, I jumped in the car and we headed to TN. We were in two cars and I had Emma with me...this is what we passed at one point.

As soon as we got into town, we began the visits. First stop was Chad's mom and her husband. The girls and Paddington were so ready to be out of the car so it was good for them to stretch their legs. (They walked up the hill to pet the donkey and to see all the goats on the adjacent property. I guess we could count that as a field trip?)

After that visit we headed to my parents to settle in for the night. Remember my issue with the brownies last week? Well...I opened the front door to smell coffee and this....

They were absolutely delicious. (According to Patty...I need the anointed orange Power T silicone baking dish. I'm going on-line to find it, you know here on the mission field in the backyard of Athens, GA I just won't find an orange Power T brownie pan!!)

Monday morning we did some shoe shopping in this little hole in the wall shoe store near my parents house. I was surprised that they had so many name brand shoes so cheap! I was headed down the aisle to the size 6's and something red caught my eye. I stopped and knew that I HAD to try these on...there were lots of cameras and my mother-in-law, who we ran into there, took a video...THAT will NOT be on here. So what do you think?

These were the strangest pair of shoes I have ever tried on, and I have tried on HUNDREDS of pairs of shoes. I could not tell which was the left and which was the right! I switched them a couple of times, and they just felt weird. I did NOT get them just so you know. They were just too much fun NOT to try on!!

However, after we had spent 45 minutes trying on red shoes...I did walk away with these...

My niece Morgan is modeling them and I had to bribe her with chips and dip to get them off of her feet.

We grilled steaks and enjoyed a long afternoon with family. It was nice to just hang out with no real agenda! However, our eyes and ears were glued to the weather channel most of the day. It was hard to enjoy our time together knowing that there were so many families unable to relax and enjoy each other. I'm so thankful that God took away some of that storm's power.

This is what I found in the back of my car as we began to load all our luggage...

They wanted to come home with us...and it was hard to say no. This was the first trip that have been able to say "Aunt Steffie", and that just melted my heart.

Coming home Chloe and I listened to a Beth Moore CD and had a really great conversation on living a Spirit led life..I want to share more of that when I have a little more time and can concentrate! We are off to finish up school and conquer the laundry pile from the weekend!


Julie said...

What a fun weekend!! Those brownies made me so very hungry! I'm cooking my lunch now!! I love it that you and your daughter listed to Beth Moore on the ride home!

BethAnne said...

Looks to me like you were in a Shoe Show? Am I right? Am I????? I personally think you should have gotten those boots. You could play Mrs. Claus quite nicely in them. Is that red fir on those things?
Anyway, since you are a TN girl, are you as sad as Fran and I about the game last night?
I know it is a mission field there in GA, and I am sure it is white unto harvest, but how can you stand living with the Dawgs??? hahhahaha

The Small Scribbler said...

Struggling to concentrate here too, which is why I'm on your blog rather than doing what I should be doing.

Glad you didn't come home with the red boots!


ocean mommy said...

Bethanne - YES we were in a Shoe Show! I had never heard of this place before Monday! And that was red fur on those hideous things. OH.MY. The commentary that went along with it was so funny. I am very sad about our loss last night...I'm sure I will hear about from our Dawg neighbors soon...they never fail to come around after games like this...

Leah said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Glad you got away and rested a bit.


Profbaugh said...

Oh I must be getting old (or cold) not sure which. . because those boots actually look weird enough to be cute here. I'm thinking of a million things I could use them for around Christmas time!!!

Still, all in all I'll stick with my UGGs.

Much love,

Fran said...

Heavenly weekend to me girl!!! Those red boots were darling and the other shoes were just as darling!!!

What about that dern game last night?? I felt so bad for that kicker. He was hero one minute and then "non-hero" the next. Isn't that the way life goes???

Love ya girl. Can you come Nov 1 and 2nd to Nashvegas? check hubs and the calendar.


Chadwick said...

Ok - so I'm wondering what happened to the photo of the..."other pair" of shoes the ever so kind lady was wanting you to try on - how was it she described those bright red strappy things with the 5 inch stilletto heels??

Patty said...

If I find the Orange silicone power T I am buying it for you!!

You may not want it after we lost. Not saying anything else. heehee

I am glad you had a great visit. Shoes are like my love language and I love the shoes you bought and I just don't know what to say about the red boots. LOL

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Looks like a fun weekend! Glad you had that. Glad you did not buy the shoes! :)
Much love,

jenmom said...

Well, what can I say but "Your too sexy for your red boots". Ha Ha. Those were hilarious!! Sounds like a perfect weekend with family! I can not wait until Christmas when we get to go back home.
Miss you!

Abby said...

so great to finally meet you!!!! you are too cute!!!!

those boots=amazing. i'm on a red kick and really want to find some new red shoes. :)

and clearly i've been out of blogworld for some time, but i love your new header!!! so great!! i'm in need of an update so when i get my own comp that will be the first thing to happen!

Teresa said...

Where? Where? A power T brownie pan!!?? I think I'll make a double batch and send them to K'ville to cheer those boys up...tough game sisters :(
but its a new week and a new game to play!! (sounds like there is a blog post coming....)
ps: I'll join bethanne in praying that you can keep your witness in dawg country..heehee

Heather C said...

Sounds like such a fantabulous weekend! I know what you mean about Monday, though... it was difficult to enjoy the day worrying about the potential for so much heartache. Praising God that it wasn't worse!


colorfulwoman said...

Hey Stephanie! I havn't cruised the blog world in a little while, but it was so nice to "drop by" tonight:) I have had a heavy heart in recent days and reading your blog was a wonderful pick-me-up...:)
Take care friend!

jennyhope said...

oh the reasons why I love you!

Cailyn said...

Glad you have enjoyed your weekend & shoe shopping too.