Friday, May 1, 2009

Weekend = No Shred!

Happy Friday!!! I am thrilled to have two days off of the shred! least one day, I'll probably talk myself into popping the DVD in on Sunday afternoon. It's strange, I find myself looking forward to that 20 minutes. Sick isn't it?!?!?

I have a slight confession to make about this whole Shred thing. It's kind of funny, but one of those pride things God continues to work out of me.

A few weeks ago we sold our treadmill. ALL of our hand weights went with the treadmill. Great for the person who bought it, bad for me when I popped in the DVD on Day 1 and realized DUH, I have no hand weights.

I remembered hearing on a talk show YEARS ago that if you didn't have hand weights, to grab a couple of canned goods. Yes. CANNED GOODS. :) So as Jillian gave her pre-workout pep talk, I made a mad dash to the pantry and grabbed two cans of cream of mushroom soup. YES I AM SERIOUS. And so far, it has given the girls a good laugh.

The past couple of days I have felt so proud of myself for getting through the workout and feeling stronger....blah...blah...blah...of course, I'm still using my trusty cream of mushroom soup as my hand weights. Can I just tell you I am laughing at myself big time. :)

Today we made the weekly trip to Target. I decided that since I needed to use that cream of mushroom soup, it was time to purchase some real hand weights. As we turned down the aisle I saw the ones I knew were meant to be mine!

They ARE PINK and get this:


Thank you LORD!

As I put them into the buggy (or shopping cart) I realized something.

There is no way I'm moving on to level 2! Those little weights are going to make me feel like I'm starting this whole process all over again!!!

Maybe I should have just invested in more soup!


Fran said... hand weights were one can of Ragu spaghetti sauce and then the other hand a can of butter beans!!!!!!!!!!

We are crazy!!!!

That is working just fine for me right now. I'm sure it won't last the 30 days though. :)

Happy Weekend!

Heather said...

Hilarious! I want to see a pic of the cute pink hand weights!! I am impressed with your workout's a battle! Congrats on doing so well....seems like every blog I read is talking about "the Shred"....I am wondering if I need to jump on Jillian's boat after I have this baby! Have a great weekend!

Lora said...

You *shred* ladies are my workout heros! Go! Go! Go!

Melinda said...

I told Fran that my Target was OUT of the DVD and I still haven't found or ordered one! I need to do it right now and get on with it! And I guess I'll have to comb my pantry, too; my hand weights are still in Florida!

Love you Steph!

Cheryl said...

that is sooo funny! i've used cans for weights many times!

I can't wait to start the series myself.

Leah said...

Obviously I missed something over the past couple of days. What is 'shred'? It doesn't even sound fun whatever it is.

Once you graduate from mushroom soup you can move to big cans of tomatoes and then to fabric softener. You might just start a whole new fad, girlfriend.


jodi said...

That's really funny stuff! I say go for it and move onto level 2. You will do fine...except for the sweating. You're going to hate that! I'm moving to level 3 tomorrow...or the next day. It scares me!

brenna said...

I am jumping on board the Shred. My college roommate and I are going to do it together (from a few hundred miles apart). Tomorrow is day one and I'll be using Spaghetti sauce for weights :-)