Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Day

I have been trying to do my video blog thingy but it just isn't happening. Why you ask? Well...

I thought I had everyone trucking away on their school work. Emma was in her snuggie reading "5 Little Peppers" and Chloe was working on her last history chapter. I knew that I had about 20 minutes to throw some towels in the washer, set up the camera and get this thing done and posted.

Just as I am finishing up the video I heard it. The screeching cry of my second daughter saying...."OUCH CHLOE!" followed by Chloe's little feet running down the stairs to tell me..."EMMA IS HURT AND I DIDN'T MEAN TOO."

My mind flashed back to summer 2004 when I heard this same sort of thing only to discover that they had been shoving drumsticks down each others throats. Yes, I'm serious. They told me they wanted to see how far down the things could go before it would hurt. Go on laugh..when I called Chad at work to ask if I should take them to the Doctor, he put me on hold while he called his entire staff in and then had me tell him again...ON SPEAKER PHONE.

Back to this morning...

I in a not so Christian tone, asked "What in the world is going on?" Chloe goes on to explain that they were..and I quote

"Well... First, we were jumping on our beds. Back and forth bed to bed. Second, as I jumped from my bed to Emma's bed, my thumb made contact with Emma's right eyeball. I'm sorry and she'll bounce back."

Made contact. Yes she said that. It was all I could do not say come here so my hand can make contact with your backside...

Meanwhile in the background Emma is moaning, and attempting to walk down the stairs with both eyes closed. (It really was quite funny now that it's over.)

Emma is fine and has,as Chloe said, "bounced back".

There are 5 days of school left and my girls are grounded GROUNDED from all things electrical. And I...I just want to go back to bed and start this day over!!!

Maybe I'll get the video posted Thursday! Until then, I'm going to be supervising my children as they copy pages out of the dictionary.


Still Learning said...

We have those days over here too. Fear not, tomorrow is a new day. I always know it's gonna be something good when one of them meets me on the way to the screaming child saying "I didn't meant to do it.".

My homeschooler has another 5 weeks left of school. He fiddled around early on. Fun fun.

Have a great day,


Melinda said...

"That is HYSTERICAL"...says the mom whose kids are grown and out of the house. :o)

XO Melinda

Haley said...

I'm cracking up right now!!!! I can't imagine your precious girls doing that! I definetly needed to hear that today because at this point I'm feeling like I'm failing as a I'll be watching for the video!!

The Small Scribbler said...

Such an optimist..."she'll bounce back"... This will serve Chloe well. Thanks for the laugh!


Leah said...

Sounds like something my sister and I would have done, although jumping on the beds was not allowed. We collided one time on the trampoline and it knocked my sister out. She went down cold!!

She bounced back too.


Heather said...

I am cracking up at the "made contact" and the "bounce back!" Hilarious! They are still cuties!!!

Heather C said...

I love it! LOL... I especially love that it happened to YOU and not me. :) Chloe's comments are priceless! And you tell great stories. :)

Three Fold Cord said...

"In a not so christian tone" has been prevalant over here lately. Please Summer get here quickly we have some ENERGY to get out!

Fran said...

*snicker snicker*

I had the whole thing pictured in my head. I pictured me jumping from bed to bed with them. :)

love you all,