Monday, May 18, 2009

It's Monday and I have no title

How was your weekend? Ours was so uneventful and believe me, we loved every last second of it.

Saturday we really did nothing. Just played around the house, watched the girls ride their bikes (when it wasn't raining) made spaghetti for an early dinner and went to bed EARLY. Heaven.

Sunday Chad beat me home from church and he and the girls started lunch. He made a fabulous marinade and grilled chicken. He even cleaned up the kitchen! About the time he brought the food in off the grill, the rain started.

He and the girls napped while I enjoyed spending time with some ladies as we celebrated a new baby in our Sunday School family. Before we ate, our hostess had personalized and printed scripture for us to read and pray over baby Cameron. It was beautiful. We gave the cards to his mommy to take home and use. Such a precious time. Then we ate... :) Can I just tell you my friend Amanda can just plain cook. (And she grows her own lettuce too!)

I came home to find Chad fixing the girls a snack dinner. He seems to have become the Sunday Chef. I told him he needs his own Food Network show called "The Sunday Chef".

Our pastor taught on contentment yesterday I think I may share some of my notes later tonight or tomorrow. There were a couple of points that just really hit me between the eyes and I don't want to forget them.

It's time to start drying hair and getting little toe nails painted. We have family pictures tonight. We haven't had a "real" photo done in 4 years! Needless to say, my girls have changed a little!!

Oh, guess what....2 more days of school!!!!!!!


Leah said...

Well, we just cannot wait to see the pictures!! So glad you had a relaxing weekend. I'm hoping for the same this long weekend coming up.