Thursday, May 7, 2009

Remember this Lady?

****Tomorrow I'll announce winners of Faith Hope and Lullabies giveaway!! Until then I'll be recovering from this morning's "Shred".(Apparently I have pulled a muscle or something that is supposed to resemble a muscle!) Hop down to the post before this one and leave a comment to register to win!****

Oh boy...I LOVE this photo!! I think Amy Grant is probably my all time favorite Christian female artist.

She has a gift for songwriting and she never ceases to inspire me to stay on my face before the Lord.

Go and check her out on iTunes you will not be dissapointed.

Copy and paste this to get there:

I'll be back Friday with something that God has been putting in front of my face over and over and over...not sure how eloquent and graceful that post will be...but it's what He is showing me.


Still Learning said...

That Shred thing sure does sound painful. Boomama was talking about it too. I think it would probably kill me if I tried it!!

BTW, I've looked at my libraries and they don't have the book The Red Sea Rules. It sounded like a good one. They didn't even have any books by Beth Moore either. So I keep nagging them to have a bigger Christian section. Maybe one day....

Hope your muscles feel better soon.