Monday, May 4, 2009

How About a Giveaway???

I love giveaways, and this one...THIS one I am extra excited about.

About two weeks ago I received an e-mail promoting 2 new lullaby CD's. Since my girls are a little older I knew that they would probably be "over" this, but I kept reading because we have friends who are having babies and I figured I could pass on the info, if I liked what I heard.

I began to listen and let me tell you...I don't like it at all. I LOVE this CD!

Chloe, Emma and I have been listening to Faith, Hope and Lullabies Songs of Worship during our car rides, while we do chores and yes during our school time! This is not your typical "lullaby" music. The instrumental arrangements are wonderful and I have enjoyed it as much or MORE than my girls.

Speaking of my girls, here is what they have to say.

Me: "Emma what is your favorite song on this CD?"

Emma: "Here I am to Worship"

Me: "What did you like about the CD?"

Emma: "It was awesome because it has songs that I know, but without the words and it makes me think about Jesus."

Me: "Do you think all the mommies that read this should get this CD for their children?"

Emma: "Yes. If they want them to have sweet dreams."

Me: "Thanks."

Emma: "No problem...can I have a cookie?"

Me: "Chloe as a 10 year old what did you think about this CD?"

Chloe: "One word: Soothing."

Me: "What is your favorite song?"

Chloe: "El Shaddai."

Me: "Why that one?"

Chloe: "I just like the way it sounded. It made me relax."

Me: "Do you think that all the mommies reading this need one of these CD's for their children?"

Chloe: "Yes, absolutely."

Me: "Do you like it when we play this CD in the house?"

Chloe: "Yes because it is relaxing."

Me: "Thanks."

Chloe: "You're welcome."

If my two girls LOVE this CD, then I would say that your children or grandchildren will love it too.

Here is the deal...
First hit stop on the player in the top right of my side bar.

Listen to a sample of both CD's.

Faith Hope and Lullabies...

Faith Hope and Lullabies Songs of Worship...

Leave a comment telling me which one you would pick if you were to win.

That's it! Oh, if you have a blog and want to...just mention it. I'm serious when I say that you do not have to have an infant in your home to enjoy this!!

I will announce the winners (there will be two!) on Friday morning May 8.


Leah said...

Definitely "Songs of Worship" for me. I love those songs and I would adore having this CD if I were to win.

Leah at The Point

Carol said...

Okay, I AM going to be having a baby in my house soon and very soon. I NEED these cd's. They are precious. I love the Songs of Worship.

Too sweet!

Southern Charm said...

I'm with Leah. Songs of Worship was awesome. Some of my most favorite songs are on that one & it would be wonderful to have it playing around the house and for when I put Braxton down to sleep.

BTW, he is only 2 but when I was holding him during praise & worship yesterday he raised his hand as he sang!! Melted his mommy's heart.

Jennifer W.

Cindy said...

I like them both but I really like the Songs of Worship the best.


Heather said...

Friday is my birthday and Avery Kate is coming in three weeks. (ish!) I totally need to win this! :) I like "Songs of Worship" better...but they are both so neat!
Thanks for the giveaway!

Jennifer said...

I LOVE "Songs of Worship"! Some of my favorites. I would absolutely LOVE to have this. Thank you for doing this giveaway.

Jennifer Shuler
in Georgia

twinkle said...

Songs of Worship is my fav, especially Be Still & Know. Both cds are so good...
Thank you for this giveaway. It's perfect for Mother's Day.

Three Fold Cord said...

It is tough to decide. I really enjoy the Made to Worship. I think my three chidren under 4yo would love them too!! We sing with my ipod in the car all the time and I have actually been wanting a CD to play for the 4yo while she rests in the afternoon since she doesn't nap anymore. Looking forward to the results!

jodi said...

Pretty piano music. I like the Songs of Worship the best too. My kids would be most familiar with them.

Great giveaway!

ECEteacher said...

Both sound great, but I think my favorite would have to be the Songs of Worship. I don't have any children of my own, but teach in the children's programs in my church as well as working in the sound room. These CDs would be great as background music in class or to be played before church! Thanks for introducing me to these CDs!

jenmom said...

Oh Stephanie! My sweet JennaBeth, who is 10 weeks old loves music. You ought to see her little eyes widen when we are in church. I think she would really like the "Made To Worship" cd.
JennaBeth says, "Pick me!"
I have been looking for a cd to play during nap time, since that's my only quiet time! This would be wonderful to have.

Alisa said...

Oh, this is just wonderful. Love instrumentals. Here I am to Worship has to be my fav. I have got to get this - can I get it from Lifeway??? You are a Godsend for always sharing your heart and the worship music. LOVE IT!!!

Much love, Alisa in Cheraw, SC