Friday, May 15, 2009

YIPEEE It's Friday

So the video post? Well...Apparently when you don't push record, nothing records. You think I'm kidding. Seriously. My poor husband. Sometimes he just shakes his head. Anyway.....

Chad and I had a great anniversary yesterday. The girls woke us up with breakfast in bed. (and they cleaned the kitchen while we ate!) He left for work and we got busy on our schoolwork. Once that was done, we all took naps. Yes we did. AND IT WAS HEAVEN. :)

This weekend we have No. Plan. Literally. There is nothing on the agenda. I think we will probably do some yardwork, but after that who knows. I'm thinking if the rain holds off I'm going to plop myself in the hammock and finish up the book I'm reading. (Healing Waters by Steve Arterburn and Nancy Rue a very good read by the way.)

Can I ask you to pray for two of my Freedom's Call ministry team members? A. and J. are both undergoing some medical issues this week and we are asking God to show Himself to them. We need Jehovah Rapha to stretch out His mighty hand and do what only He can do.

I'm going to enjoy this weekend with my family and take a blogging break. There are several things we need to do to get ready for summer. As the girls told me this afternoon, we really need to get the pool toys organized so that we can grab and go FAST when the pool opens this week. :)

I'll see you Monday!


Heather said...

Steph- I am so glad you have a low-key weekend! I pray that God uses it to refresh your soul!!!
I got my lullabies CD yesterday and I LOVE it! Connor listened to it twice and he loved it, too. Can't wait to play it for Avery Kate!!! She will be here in 3 days!!!!! :)

jodi said...

Sounds wonderful!!! Enjoy your weekend!!!

Fran said...

Love your family to pieces. Hope you had a fabulous weekend!!!

I'll be over to swim when its a little bit warmer. ;)

And, yes I'm praying for your friends.