Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kitchen Makeover Part 1

Last week I got the bug to do a little decorating in our kitchen and breakfast room. Saturday, we hit the home improvement store and I came home with four color cards of green, a few accent colors and a plan that was much larger than I imagined.

Once we were home I started putting all my favorite kitchen things on my dining room table. Here they are with the paint swatch.

See that hand towel with the bumble bee? I'm thinking about doing a tea stain on it so it isn't stark white. Not sure...though.

I picked out the color called Leafy Rise. It is a perfect match to the frame that was my inspiration piece. (Do I sound like a HGTV Host or what!) This color is in several dishes and things I already have. (I will have Emma's interpretation of "Starry Starry Night" framed soon, but the colors in it are PERFECT so it will continue to stay in the kitchen.)

It's going to take all summer to do this. The first thing is the paint under the bar and the small area around our laundry room and pantry. This will not be the green color, but a textured paint in the color Sandstone. Honestly, it kind of looks like sandpaper. :) We just felt like under the bar gets beat up SO, something with some texture and a speckled color might mask that a little.

Other than paint, the one BIG change is going to be window treatments. These are what I have my heart set on.

Yes, in the black check because our living room windows are on the same wall. At some point I will replace my mistreatments in there with the full panel version of this black and white check.

(These are from Ballard Design, my FAVORITE home decorating on-line shop!)

I've decided to journal each step of the process. We will be doing things as we have the extra $$. AND just so you know, I have a VERY small budget so it will be interesting to see what kind of deals we can find! I love a good challenge.


Patty said...

Those curtains are gorgeous and I cannot wait to see the finished project!!
Love you,

jenmom said...

Hey Stephanie!!
I'm so excited about seeing your kitchen make-over as it happens! I love the colors you have picked out.
I wanted to let you know about this blog I read quite often:
She always has the neatest ideas for decorating and usually shares how she does it for very little money. The things she comes up with are always so beautiful and she doesn't spend a fortune!

Still Learning said...

Sounds like fun!! I am so blessed to pieces that you love the frame. Made my day :)

I can't wait to see the finished product and the great ideas you come up with. It will be beautiful.

Love ya,


Cindy said...

Oooooh! What fun! I love the window treatments. Looking forward to seeing you design unfold.