Saturday, June 16, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

This week has been so busy. VBS for the girls, driving Chad all around town, MRI's, Doctor appointments.... you get the picture. This stay at home mom wasn't home much!!

Chad had his MRI on Wednesday afternoon. By the time I got him back to the office, his Doctor was calling moving his next appointment up to Friday. (Instead of Monday) We were concerned. Why would he have us coming in on Friday morning instead of the scheduled Monday appointment? Needless to stay, it was stressful.

Since Mom and Dad came down, I was able to go with him Friday morning. The test results weren't great. Chad broke off 1 inch of bone and that is "free-floating" right now. We have surgery scheduled for the 28th. He is still in quite a bit of pain. But thanks to a nice little pill, he's FINALLY sleeping!!! You have no idea how wonderful 4 straight hours of sleep feels! (Well, if you're a mommy you do. I feel like we've gone back to the days of having a newborn in the house!)

This has been one of those weeks where finding a quiet moment to study and pray has been hard. Monday morning was awesome. I had about 30 minutes outside with the Word, a cup of coffee and some concentrated prayer time. It was heaven. The rest of the week, I was finding myself in the car asking God to tell my why I couldn't find 10 minutes to spend with Him. Why was this a struggle for me!! So for the rest of the week, I've had my quiet time in the car before I picked up Chloe and Emma at VBS. That is what I did when we lived in Chattanooga. I would sit in the pick up line and have Bible study. God and I had some great times and He reminded me this week that Bible study doesn't have to be at the kitchen table, or on the back patio. He's "wireless" or "mobile"!! Goodness gracious I'll take every chance I can to soak in the Word, if it means in the car, then okay!!!

The lady I refer to as my mentor always told us that when your children are young, you grab quiet time whenever you can. There was a time she would take her "Open Windows" devotional guide into the BATHROOM every morning and read the days devotion while she, well.....while she took care of things in the bathroom. :) I have to admit that when Chloe was little and Emma was a newborn I tried that a few times on days when I couldn't escape diapers and tea parties!

All of this makes me think of my friend Haley. She just started blogging this week and she approached this topic in her first blog. (Check out the Mommy's Heart link under my Good Stuff) She is a young wife and mommy and is falling in love with Jesus more and more every day. Stop by her blog and check it out. I think you'll be blessed. (She had the most beautiful flower girl in her wedding! Of course, I could be a tad biased.)

I guess the round about point of this blog is this: Sometimes you have to make a concentrated effort to get alone with the Lord. While on some days you find extra amounts of time to spend with Him, most days we are distracted by life and those moments appear to be few and far between. We have to make the choice to get up and do it. He is just waiting for us to! I'm finding that in my life when I ask God to show me when and where, He multiplies my time and blesses me beyond words. And you know what else, my home is a rest on those days. That can only happen through the power of Almighty God!! Isn't He awesome! I pray that you know Him, really KNOW Him and the power of His love for you.

Lord, thank you for the blog sisters you have brought into my life. I ask that you give each one of us a strong desire to know you and love you more. I believe you want us to spend time with you each day and I'm asking you to show us each day when that is. May we apply what we learn and not simply be hearers of the Word. Help us to show you to others in every conversation, every chore around the house, every swim in the pool, and every trip to Target! Thank you for loving us. In Jesus' name, Amen.


Meg said...

The bathroom is not off limits with my girls...they even follow me in there! It is so true, sometimes we have to grab it wherever we can. He is so faithful to bless our effort to know Him more. He is a great God! Hope your hubby's surgery goes well.

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Meg you crack me up!!:)

Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Girl-you encourage me so! It seems like it is always something! ANyway it just keeps life interesting to say the least! I do understand what you are saying about quite time. While I was with my mother-in-law it was so hard to get quite time. I just had to lean in harder on Him. I am enjoying every second He blesses me with even more now!
Love you!

The Small Scribbler said...


I am so sorry about Chad! The part where you wrote about reminding your girls to to write notes and make cards was a lesson to me. I fall short in this area and was glad for your teaching.

You reminded me of a time when one of my kids followed me into the bathroom and shut the door behind him explaining,"So you can have some privacy, Mama."