Wednesday, May 14, 2008

14 years ago at this moment....

I was sitting in a salon getting my hair done. It was our wedding day! I had a real nutritious breakfast consisting of a coke and a Three Musketeers bar. The lady doing my hair had quite a job. I had bronchitis and could hardly go thirty seconds without coughing. That on top of the massive amount of hair that I had, she had her work cut out for her....and this sweet lady did it as a gift. Said she couldn't take money from us on our wedding day..what a sweetheart.

I was surrounded by my girlfriends and my family all morning. I guess the cough syrup is the reason I don't remember every detail of that morning... :) That's okay, I remember the rest of the day and that's what matters!

Chad has the funniest story of that morning. He awoke to an empty house. NO ONE was home. So he went to McDonald's and ate breakfast. (McDonald's and Coke/Three Musketeers..we were such healthy eaters!) While there, he ran into some of our church friends who we would see later in the day at the wedding.

They told me at our reception that they had run into Chad that morning as they were finishing up their breakfast and almost went back in for another cup of coffee so he wouldn't have to eat alone! Little did they realize, that this is Chad. He has to have some alone time, especially before life altering events! Although he has said repeatedly over the years, even before we had children, that the day our children get married, they will not wake up to a quiet, empty house!!! He plans on savoring each minute of that day with them. (Bless his heart, we have two girls...he's going to be broke on those mornings!!)

It was a great wedding, and I have nothing but good memories from the day. I tried to take a picture of our wedding photo, but it didn't turn out! I'm struggling with the camera today. It doesn't want to cooperate with me this morning. Normally, I can navigate my way around stuff like this, but this morning I do not have the patience for it!!!

We exchanged gifts this morning, and this is what Chad gave me. Okay...the pictures show what he gave me last Friday.(My guess is that is when this gift was delivered and he just couldn't keep it to himself any longer.)

A little history...we went to Bermuda for our honeymoon. Beautiful island and I can't wait to go back. On the island is a heavenly place called "The Bermuda Perfumery". They are a family owned business dating back to 1928. You can tour the facility and gardens FOR FREE. This tour allows you to see how they make perfume, from start to finish. It was so cool.

While we were there for seven days, this particular day was my favorite. (Perfumery in the morning, a hidden beach in the afternoon.)I promise you I thought and said "This is what the Garden of Eden must have been like!" All the color, the variety of plants and flowers, the smells, it was stunning. How can anyone say we are here by accident?

While there I, of course, bought a bottle of perfume along with several gifts for family members. I LOVE most of all their fragrances. (one in particular gives me the worst headache known to man, but I know exactly which one that is and stay far away from it!)

For our second anniversary, Chad ordered a new bottle for me and I was completely surprised. That was 12 years ago, I haven't had any since then.

Back to Last Friday afternoon, I walked into our bedroom after Chad came home. Let me tell you I was just lovely to look at. It was bathroom and floor day on my cleaning list so I had been cleaning with some wonderful smelling cleaners. Any makeup that had started the day with me, I had sweat off and I was in cleaning clothes...get the idea.....REAL attractive. :)

So I walk in the bedroom and there is a beautiful box wrapped in silver paper with a pink ribbon. (my favorite color) I looked at it figuring it was an early mother's day gift. But no, it was my anniversary gift. He knows me well enough to know that after I see the wrapped gift, I have to open it. I did use some self-control and waited about 5 minutes. Of course, the twitch in my left eyebrow was out of control and I couldn't quit fidgeting.

He was gracious enough to let me open it and this is what I found.....

I tingled, imagining what could possibly be inside this little bitty pink box from Lili Bermuda!

This was what I found

Sorry for the fingerprints! Didn't realize they were there until I posted this!

There are seven tiny bottles here. Each holds different fragrance. Chad said he wasn't sure what he bought 12 years ago, and if I would even want the same one. He bought something that had a little of everything they make so I could decide which one I wanted.

Aren't they beautiful!

So here is what I've worn so far. This is already one girlie post ,so I'm including a little of their descriptions. :)

"Lily" which is what I bought on our honeymoon and what Chad gave me 12 years ago. It's description says "Wild Muguet, Tamarine and Pear Flower. LOVE THIS.

"Passion Flower" Heady Gardenia, Passion Flower and Mimosa. It is a little stronger, but I like it.

"Frangipanni" Captivating Orange Blossom, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli and Jasmine. Different but I LOVE it. To me, this one is fun.

"Pink" Pink Mimosa, Grapefruit and Peonies. THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE. It is so feminine and pretty and the name, have I mentioned I love pink? It's light, but it last all day. I LOVE IT and plan to save my spare change to purchase a big bottle!

This was simply the most romantic gift he could have given me. I LOVE IT!!

To find out more about Lili Bermuda go here

This morning he brought in another gift bag that was full of some songwriting books, and a beautiful photo frame. He never ceases to amaze me. He scored a 1O this year on the gifts!

Thanks Chadwick for an incredible anniversary! Maybe we can find a sitter and have dinner out this weekend...hint, hint.... :) I love you....


Cheri said...

What a man, what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man!! He's a mighty, mighty, good man!

I forgot who sings that song-hope you've heard it before. Or you might think I'm crazy!

Way to go Chad!!

Jenifer said...

Well, Happy Anniversary to you and yours. Sounds like you are having a good one. Today is my littlest princess's birthday. It's a very good day.

Blessings to you,

Leah said...

Happy anniversary!! And congratulations on having such a romantic man!! I have one too. Actually he is much more romantic than I am.

I wish I had known you were at the Mall of GA yesterday!! I was in a rush but would have taken a minute to say hi! Maybe next time I head that way I'll let you know and if you are free we can meet for coffee!! :)


Darla said...

oooooo ooooooo bring the girls to my house, I will watch them for you! that is a good reason to come to PA! Happy Anniversary!! Love you!

Diana Simpson said...

what a great anniversary! congrats.

Carol said...

Awww! I love it! That was so sweet. Chad scores really high in the romance category! He's a keeper for sure! Happy Anniversary!

Amy Wyatt said...

So romantic! Happy Anniversary. Maybe Chad can give Greg some tips. Ours is the 29th :) We are discussing a trip but can't decide where.

Fran said...

What a sweet, sweet man you have there Stephanie! I hope your special day was full of an overflowing heart for him. You are so blessed.

Big hugs~

jenmom said...

Happy Anniversary!! Guess what? My hubby, Mike, and I celebrate our anniversary tomorrow on the 16th! It has been 16 years for us. God bless and have a good dinner out this weekend!