Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday Fun


I have this super spiritual post running in my mind. It kind of goes along with the thought I was soaking in yesterday, but today the pollen has taken over my head and I can't seem to focus. Jesus, Send the Rain.....please :)

Let me tell you what I've accomplished today. (this is what over the counter allergy stuff does to me) I've moved furniture. Yep...moved a yellow wing chair out of our guest bedroom/piano/sewing room into my breakfast room corner. I needed something new in that corner and I love having a comfy chair in there.

After I got the chair in position, I decided I needed a small table to set books and what not on...there is not a small table not being used in this house, so I grabbed a wicker hamper, slapped Mamaw Wolfe's silver tray on top of it and there you have it....

After I moved furniture, and the girls had lunch, I sent them upstairs to read for a little while and I sat down to read blogs. For some reason, the allergy medicine that had hyped me up has now made me REALLY relaxed, and talkative...(explains my phone conversation earlier with a friend doesn't know who you are!)

So I'm sitting down reading different blogs and Rocks in My Dryer has posted about something that I've been putting off doing this spring. Something that triggers all sorts of emotion. The type of emotion that brings wailing, gnashing of teeth and tears.

Swimsuit shopping.

Shannon has a great little giveaway from Lands End going on....I love Lands End. So I'm hopes that I'll win and can just swimsuit shop from the comfort of my leather chair. (That way I can eat Ghiradelli Chocolate Raspberry treats to help with the horror of the whole experience.)

Last year, I had planned to buy a new Lands End swimsuit and even went on-line, entered all my stats (measurements) and created a virtual model. You can have her "try on" the clothes you're thinking about buying. Needless to say, I got depressed when I started picking out swimsuits, so I just pulled out the old black tank and stuck with old faithful.

This year though, I HAVE to purchase a new suit. No getting around it. Old faithful is 5 years old and lets just say....she's just not as supportive as she used to be...

So, I'm heading back to my virtual model friend and since a few of my "stats" have changed, (decreased praise the Lord) we will seriously be looking at swimwear this afternoon. (Our pool opens in one week, there isn't much time!)

So....offer up a prayer that I will have discernment beyond my years and that Chad will have a very generous heart when I make the big proposal for the super expensive suit of my dreams.... Our 14th anniversary is this coming Wednesday, so I'll just tell him it can be my anniversary gift.... :)


Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Oh girl, I do not like swimsuit shopping either! I never knew about a virtual model how cool!

I understand, I have been on the good ole allergy meds as well. Everything is a tint of yellow around here!
Much love,