Thursday, May 29, 2008

Does the name Richie McDonald ring a bell????

UPDATED TO ADD: It's Friday afternoon and I would just like to say if Richie McDonald needs a keyboard player....I would like to volunteer and can provide references upon request. I can hardly stand it anymore...this CD is AWESOME!!! GO and pre-order dozens of copies and give them away to your friends!!!! That is all....

Let me refresh your memory if you don't realize why you know that name. Richie McDonald was with the group Lonestar for several years.

After God impressed on his heart it was time for a change, he branched out into a solo career. Chad and I had the privilege of seeing him in concert with Jim Brickman in December. And we ALL know how I feel about any evening that includes Jim Brickman. Anyway...we're talking Richie McDonald here. :)

I was blessed, I mean, sneaky enough to get a preview copy of his new CD "I Turn To You".

To be honest, I wasn't too sure how I would feel about this CD. Everything I had read indicated that it was clearly Christian, but since I don't know that much about Richie I just didn't know what to expect.

The first thing I do before I ever listen to a CD is take out the cover and read it. EVERY WORD. It makes me feel like I "know" the artist better. Oh friends. This man loves Jesus. This is a quote from the inside cover...

"Hey God, I don't believe I ever thanked you....enough for all my blessings. At a turning point in my life when I needed you the most for guidance and direction you were there to give me the answers and show me the way. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to finally record music where you and Jesus Christ are the stars."

And our God is the star. No question about it. I have listened to this CD for 3 days and I love it more each time. These songs ignite something in my soul that drives me closer to the Father. At this moment my favorite song is "Walls", but I also love "Hey God".

If I could say one thing to this artist it would be this. Thank you for being obedient to the Father's nudge. The rewards from this CD will be eternal and you may not realize until glory just how powerful your stand for Jesus was. Blessings follow obedience.

Here is the deal. I'm going to strongly suggest that you go out next week and buy this CD. You will be blessed. BUT.....

Before you do: LEAVE A COMMENT!!! I have been given permission to give away the preview CD!!!!! OR don't leave a comment and I'll keep it for myself!!!

JUST KIDDING....I want to share this with you....

I'll draw for a winner on Monday night June 2 and announce the winner of this, as well as the book give away from earlier in the week on Tuesday, June 3! first two give-aways on the same day!

Thanks Amanda at Brickhouse Direct for donating the preview CD!


Jess said...


Thank you for your sweet words.

And thank you for the 'inside information' on Richie! I hadn't heard about his upcoming 'cross-over' album. I really enjoyed him with Lonestar, so I bet this new one is good! Can't wait to check it out.


Jenifer said...

I love me some good music. Count me in.


BethAnne said...

To Whom It May Concern:
I would like to be entered for the drawing for the CD.
Thank you.

Cheri said...

I love good music. It just does somethin' in my soul!!

Fran said...

I had no idea that is what he did!
That is just awesome.

Please pick your buddy over here for the cd and/or book! :)

I do hope you have a beautiful weekend.
Much love,

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

wow! I may have to check this out! I just posted about a new CD I just love too by Nate Sallie. Good stuff.
Thanks for posting about this.
Much love,

DeAnna said...

I have ALWAYS loved this guy's voice. It is so warm and rich(no pun intended). I'm glad to see him in this light!!!

Carol said...

Sounds really good! I love to find new music. I'll have to check him out! :)

Tanja said...

Heard of Lonestar, but not enough to have recognized his name. You are so right. This is wonderful. I'd love a chance to win this album. Beautiful words!

Alicia said...

Just watched the video and loved it! Thanks for the chance to win it.

God bless you!

Peggy said...

Thanks Steph...I was watching your TSMS video and noticed the CD & curiousity led me here to discover more about Richie McDonald. Down in Mexico, you don't really stay caught up with all the "new" releases or country western or...
So, not knowing him and hearing his awesome "Hey God", I wanted to hear more & thought I'd find more here...oh, well! I didn't even know Lonestar(sorry)(LOL)But I really do enjoy his music so far!
Bless you for sharing him with us..
Peggy (PS...I love the pictures of your two sweeties also)

Cheryl said...


That is a fabulous song. So true. It is hard to understand at times. I get it so much. A Dad with cancer, not good treatment options. Now a sister with cancer, not good treatment options. There is a reason. Who knows. We may have a totally different experience this time. Thank you so much for sharing this song today.

And, hug you Dad extra today and tell him you love him extra today!


jenmom said...

I was catching up on your blog, I haven't read in a few days. I was blown away by the post on being content and "the comment". I swear, I think you have a private ticket to my mind and heart. In the midst of our financial struggles the Lord is teaching numerous lessons about being content. I have a wonderful article that really ministered to me from Discipleship Journal. I am going to see if I can email it to you.
Love you and be blessed.

Christina said...

What an incredible testimony he has. Thanks for posting and the song is beautiful. I will surely purchase this one if someone doesn't give it to me first.

Mel's World said...

WOW...I didn't even know that he had launched into a solo career...I would love the chance to get a copy, if it's not too late! Thanks a bunch!


Heather said...

I didn't know this was the Lonestar guy! Cool! Can't wait to hear it! Thanks for doing the giveaway!