Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Look, Summer Projects and Other Ramblings

I love the new look. Ashley at Great Grabbie Designs did a fabulous job and was so easy to work with. She definitely has a gift. :) Thanks Ashley! Go check her out here and see some of her other creations. I think you'll be impressed by what you find there.

She took my love for all things French and my favorite piano picture and put together an incredible header. Lean in real close and I'll let you in on a little secret. When I opened up the proof last night....I cried. I cried over a blog header. Can you believe that?! I know, some of you do because you know me well. :) I even got up last night and opened it up again to look "one more time". I am in love!!!

The new blog design has sort of kicked started my summer projects. First of which is a new thing for me. Sewing. I was given a really nice sewing machine for Christmas and have started to spend a little time with that machine. Not as much as I would like, but now that school is out, I'm hoping to buckle down and do some creating. So far I've made Chloe a little shoulder bag to carry her Bible to church in and Emma an apron. This is uncharted territory for me, so you probably won't be seeing lots of finished projects for a while!

I've been inspired by some really neat "new" to me blogs. One is Nesting Place. I LOVE this blog. She and I share the same idea that home should be safe and a haven to come to.

She shares some great decorating ideas, check out her window mistreatments. This is one idea that I'm going to be using this summer. In fact, I've got a jar for my loose change to start saving for fabric for my family room curtains. I'll probably use a little of her mistreatment ideas when I finally (after 2 years) do something with these windows. You will be seeing some before and after of these windows once the project is done!

Since we put the fence up last December, we have the beginning stages of my dream secret garden. (Love that book!) Since the budget doesn't allow for me to go to the Patio Shop and pick out my dream patio furniture, I'm going to venture out into the world of yard sales. Rhoda at Southern Hospitality has inspired me to start looking at thrift stores and yard sales for pieces. Since I prefer old stuff anyway, this is the perfect way to create the old garden of my dreams.

First on the list: An old table and chairs or stools. I can not wait until we can eat outside! We grill 4-5 nights a week in warm weather and I would love to be able to just eat outside.

So far, we've planted a pink and a white dogwood tree. They are full of beautiful green leaves! I haven't' killed them yet!!!! We brought home some monkey grass and a couple of hostas from mom's the first of May. The monkey grass was planted in the backyard on the "mudpile" and the hostas went in the bed next to our front door. We put some of our herbs in hanging baskets and Emma's tomato and Chad's pepper plants are in huge planters on the patio.

Friday night, we planted some pink and white flowers (I don't know their official name this is all new to me) out front and I have a few left over so they are going to go on the "mudpile" with the monkey grass. Hopefully that will help cover that area a little bit.

So I ask you this, what are your favorite plants, flowers, bushes....? What do you grow that can withstand my black thumb and would do well in the GA heat?!!!?!?

I'm posting about these projects for one reason. Accountability.

As my pastor preached on Sunday....we need each other. In every area of our lives, we need friends to push us on when we get tired. To encourage us when we venture into uncharted waters and to give us a holy kick in the behind when we stop in our tracks.

So many of you my blogging buddies are excellent seamstresses, incredible gardeners and homemakers who really make home a haven. You inspire me to make the most of what God has given me, to be content with what I have and to use the resources I have to create that haven I desire for my family.

For the first time in a LONG time I can say that I am content. I don't feel the need to hurry up and buy a whole bunch of stuff to get the project done. It would be great to just have the resources to do that, but this project is about something else. This backyard project will be a slow one. The transformation will be gradual. I have a feeling God is going to use this process to teach me something.

He is in every detail. His eye is on every sparrow, every lily in the field and He cares. He sees the image in my mind's eye and I'm believing Him to show me how to make it happen.

You better believe there will be some pictures along the way. :) I don't want to forget a thing!


Meg said...

Sounds like a really fun project. We have a bunch of different hostas out front that come back every year, but always look a little ragged by the end of August with the heat. I love the pretty leaves in early spring though. I am trying to grow some herbs and tomatoes in pots on the back porch this year too. Basil, dill, chives and I have a big rosemary bush out front that is flourishing (even through the winter). It has been so cool here, I hope the little plants survive! I love some good summer projects!

Leah said...

Hostas definitely. I have about 8 or 10 different varieties--many of them are miniatures. I love the minis and you simply can't kill a hosta. I have most of mine in pots on my deck. They are so pretty and each has their very own personality.

My lenten roses also have done very well this year.

Congrats on your new look. I can't wait to get mine.


The Timms Family said...

One word-- perennials! And buy them small (they are much cheaper) and they'll fill in within just a year or two. Just be sure to put them in the appropriate spot in your yard (sun or shade) and you should be good to go. Knock-out roses are also a great investment--they are virtually maintenance free and bloom from spring until fall-- they are also pretty fast growing so you can start with a smaller plant. Happy gardening!

The Nester said...

I love gardening and yes, it forces you to be patient! And wait. And it's slow. And rewarding. And gets better every year. Except for when you move--then it's sad.

I love sweet potato vine. It chartruse and looks great next to grass, trees, daylillies and everything it's an annual but for $2 you can get a little vine and in 2 months it's HUGE and crawls everywhere and it has such an impact!

Love carpet roses in yellow, and peonies of course!

jodi said...

I love, love, love your new header too! I didn't make me cry, but... :)

I like the part that says "what the ultimate songwriter is composing in me". Awesome!