Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Let me hear your ideas!

This past weekend, I was challenged to take mini-retreats with the Father. We all need to get away and recharge the soul, but few of us have the resources or the time to find a week or weekend to actually be alone with God. For the most part, finding time for quiet(Bible study) times in the morning comes easily for me. It's finding time for uninterrupted prayer that is hard. And we all know that as important as time in the Word is, time being still and silent with the Lord is just as important.

So, I'm taking some of Amy's advice and finding opportunities during the day for mini-retreats. She gave several suggestions, but my favorite creative idea involved the car. Her tip was every time you come to a red light...turn down the radio, sit quietly and ask God to speak to you.

She got me thinking, and I've been trying to find creative ways to design my own mini-retreat. Here's what God has impressed on my heart so far.

Every Tuesday and Thursday Chad and the girls have Karate. They are gone for an hour and a half. I've decided that during that time, I will have my mini-retreat. The plan right now is to get a new prayer journal just for that time, and just listen and journal what the Lord impresses on my heart. Of course, I'll probably light a few candles and play some quiet praise music.

So what about you.....be creative! Think about it and then share your ideas, I bet you come up with something really cool!

One more really cool thing that has absolutely nothing to do with this post....

Right now the sun is coming in our family room windows and casting a shadow of a cross onto the wall opposite the window. Thank you Lord for reminding me of your great sacrifice for us.


DeAnna said...

What a GREAT idea! I know that it is very hard to find ANY quiet time in between shuttling 3 kids around, housework, ball practices, running the office for our business, etc. Believe it or not, my most productive prayer time is during my showers in the morning. The door to my bathroom is locked so that I can have a few minutes of peace and quiet. Depending upon how much God and I have to talk about is usually how long my shower will last. It is amazing the conversations we have while I'm washing my hair!! LOL!

On another note, I'm glad that your retreat went well.

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

LOVE that! I am not sure now about mine yet but I am trusting God to lay it out for me.

BTW-Amy C had a few pics posted from the weekend! :) Atleast she had some. I will keep investigating!

Cheri said...

That's a great idea. I'm gonna have to mull this over for a bit. There is never a time when everyone but me is gone around here!

Maybe I'll use the stoplight idea!

Oh, and I have a great story about a shadow of the cross. Hopefully I'll get the nerve to share it soon!

BethAnne said...

In the car line waiting to pick up my son from school is my 'retreat time'......also, ironing or in my lounge chair while my son is playing quietly in the sandbox.....

Fran said...

Hey Steph!
Some of my favorite moments with God are on my walks. I will either go in the morning or in the evening when we are home. Its such a sweet time!


Leah said...

I'm with Fran. The time that the Lord and I visit best is when I am out on my morning exercise walk. I take a small prayer list with me and we visit. I often find myself throwing my arms wide open and telling Him that I am His completely or perhaps I just stop in the middle of the road and shout "I love you". I'm sure that if anyone came along in the middle of one of these they would think I was crazy. I love being outside when I pray!!


jodi said...

This is a great challenge question. I couldn't wait to read the other comments to get some ideas, but it looks like several others are mulling it over too.

I used to have mini-retreats when the kids went to preschool for a few hours, but since we pulled them out, I struggle with hearing Him speak after my quiet time is over and I get into the routine of meals, toys, timeouts, and diapers. At 2 and 5, my kids are very good at keeping me from having complete thoughts (or prayers)!

I'll keep thinking...