Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Two weeks ago I received an e-mail asking me if I would like to read and review a new book and then host a giveaway on my blog. My interest was peaked and I clicked on the link to read about the author.

I knew from the first line that YES I wanted to read this book! You see, it's written by a Southern Baptist preacher's daughter. There was already a common bond as we are both in the club known as PK's. (preacher's kids)

I responded yes and last Friday I received this book....

Trespassers Will Be Baptized The Unordained Memoir of a Preacher's Daughter by Elizabeth Emerson Hancock

I'm a little over halfway through and let me tell you....I have laughed out loud more reading this book than I have in a long time.

As she described GA's, Acteens, Women's Missionary Union...I cracked up. So many of us good little GA's (Girl's in Action is a mission themed "club" for elementary age girls) remember just waiting for our turn to reach Acteens,the teens version of GA's and as Hancock calls it "Eagle Scouts at the Seraphim Level". (Between the sash, the sceptor and the fancy dress you wore at your recognition service, you can tell that southern women will turn everything into a pageant.)

I relate to so much in this book. But I as I turned to page 153 and saw some of her family pictures. I literally laughed out loud. There on that page is her father's official Southern Baptist Convention portrait which was taken at the yearly convention in Saint Louis Missouri, 1987.

GIRLS. My sister and I were at that convention with my parents! We have the funniest stories of that trip! BUT, we did not have "convention portraits" taken. Thank goodness my dad thought that was a waste of God's money. (In other words, the church was to cheap to pay for it.)

I think one of the most hilarious moments was Elizabeth describing her mother basking in the sun with her "Redbook" magazine tucked safely inside her "HomeLife".(this is a Christian family magazine) Everyone knows that a pastor's wife would NEVER want that little piece of information in the hands of the lay people, even though we ALL know they have their own copy of "Redbook" laying on their coffee tables!

But here is the bottom line. You do not have to be a Southern Baptist to appreciate this book. You will absolutely relate to her and I can guarantee that you will have a great laugh.

If you are a PK and have grown up in a glass house, you will appreciate this.

If you are a deacon's child and have listened to your parents "discuss" the PK's, you will appreciate this.

If you have ever taught GA's, Acteens, RA's, WMU, Mission Friends....Sunday School... you will laugh out loud and get the biggest kick out of Elizabeth's candid story telling.

IT'S SO WORTH YOUR TIME! Laughter is good for your soul and I can guarantee you will laugh at the book and more importantly, YOURSELF!

So here is the deal....if you need a fun book to kick off your summer reading, leave me a comment! The publisher has been very generous and is giving away 5 copies of this book. I believe the release date is June 4 so you are getting a sneak peak!

I will draw names on Monday evening June 2 and announce winners on Tuesday, June 3!!!!


You do not have to have a blog to win. Just comment under anonymous and leave your name. If you win, you can e-mail your info.

FYI -----This will not be the last give away this summer....I hear that there is a music giveaway coming soon........


Fran said...

Why yes count me in! :)


Leah said...

Oh yes, I did my time in Sunbeams, Mission Friends, GAs and Acteens. Pleae enter me into the giveaway.

I'm envious....David Phelps!!! Yikes, I adore his voice.


BethAnne said...

Okay I am adding you to the list of those people who have changed their blog look and freaked me out. My computer went dead and I come back to find all my friends look different! I think I have a problem (might need intense counseling).

I laughed when you mentioned GA's - that was a blast from my Southern Baptist Past. Do you remember the song "Girls in action, girls in action, la lalallalalal in action, praying, giving money so the world may know of JEsus love..." Tell me you remember that!

How funny! When you say Ga's or Ra's today the only people who are familiar with them are the over 35 crowd......know what that makes us? OLD. YIKES!!!!

Carol said...

This sounds hilarious! I am a queen regent with scepter! My coronation pictures are too funny. I need to read this.

Tamara said...

Ohhh...I'd love to read this book! Having a deacon daddy and a Sunday School teachin' mama, I almost thought I was a pk!

And bethanne, I think the "lalalala" part is "mission studies and mission action".

Our Acteens "folded" before I got to coronation, but I have fond memories of my GAs/Acteens days!

I went to college with David Phelps (we were in the same voice studio). He is such a gifted singer/communicator. He brings the message!

Anonymous said...

I would love to read this book


Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

YES!!!! Bethanne's Lalalalal are "Mission Study and Mission Action".

I just have to tell you all that I now have the GA theme song going through my head. My little girls have listened to me sing it for 30 minutes now and suggested that my "freedom call girls" sing it. Of course that was said as they rolled their eyes. Lord help me, we're entering the "tween" years.

We may have to get Carol to post some of her coronation pictures!

Cheri said...

My sister in law is a PK. I would just love to pass this on to her!

It sounds like a great book!

Walter said...

I enjoyed reading your review. Please join our minister's kid community at www.ministerskid.com!


Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Hey that does sound so funny. I keep forgetting you are a PK! :)

Loving you are doing this contest. I am not a forever baptist so I do not know about those GA and the like.
Much love,

Meg said...

I love a good book!

Darlene R. said...

I love books! Count me in!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Sounds like a great book, thanks for the review!!! (this is my first visit here)

Happy day!


BethAnne said...

I also forgot to mention that I was mad for years that the RA's got to be royalty while we were simply active. Also, my mother spent time as the head of WMU which meant that I had to attend each meeting, sit still, and be bored out of my mind. The words WMU make me cringe to this day (I am sure it is a fine organization, but to a 5 yr old, it stunk). I also should mention that when I hear mission friends, I always smell the faint scent of homemade play-dough - we played with it alot in there........all I can say is "Tahnk you Jesus for AWANA"

MarySnyder said...

Oh my -- count me in! This sounds like something this Southern Baptist girl (and yes, I'm using the term loosely) would love.

MarySnyder said...

Oh my -- count me in! This sounds like something this Southern Baptist girl (and yes, I'm using the term loosely) would love.

Anonymous said...

FUN! Count me in...

amyhwaddell said...

I too was at that St Louis convention. I'm 37 years old and wa with my grandparents. A Southern Baptist Preacher. Oh please enter me in this contest. I am now married to a southern Baptist Preacher....You can't make that stuff up. Can;t wait to read it, my daughter also needs to read it.

Mommy Dot Com said...

Sounds great to me. COunt me in!

Love ya,

"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

"Glass house", huh? Yep! Know all about it!! My daddy was a southern baptist minister too!! Sunbeams, GAs, Acteens, Baptist Young Women....all part of my growing up years. You don't know what it's like being a PK unless you lived it! Loved it but sometimes not...Went to a few conventions but not the one in Missouri....I always loved going, believe it or not!!
Would love getting this book!! Please enter me in the drawing!

Jenifer said...

Oh, fun. I'm always up for a good book. I'm a PK myself. I should write a book- oh, the stories I could tell. :)


Stephanie said...

Love it, love it, love it!! Please put my name in the drawing!


Sara M. said...

I would love to read this book. Sounds like a good summer read!