Thursday, August 21, 2008

I just couldn't wait...'s early around 6:30 am. I'm up, showered and halfway ready to go. The bags, with the exception of my carry on, are packed and waiting for my flat iron and make up to be thrown in. We leave in just a few hours for the airport. Emma is having a hard time...bedtime last night was hard. I'm glad now that I skipped choir and stayed home to rest.

Right before bedtime Chad and I were talking in our room, I looked over at the door and Emma was standing there with a bit of a grin. She was holding something behind her back. I asked her what she was hiding and she handed me two photos. "They are for you to take with you don't forget what I looked like when I was a baby..." Then the tears started...hers too.

The time with Emma, the stomach bug I've fought all week along with a couple of other "things" that have come up have just confirmed in my heart that I am to be in San Antonio. This weekend will be part of my story..thank you Lord for allowing me to go through this stuff this week...

So here is what I COULDN'T WAIT TO SHARE!!!!!

Earlier this week I was checking out Cindy Morgan's latest blogpost on her website. She is doing "Believing God" this summer. (and if you've done it, you know her world is being rocked big time) She talked about entering your Promised Land and suggested we read Josh. 3 and 4. I knew that I needed to read these chapters, but everytime I sat down to read them, something would come up.

This morning, the house was (and is thus the last minute post!) quiet. I poured my first cup of coffee, sat down in my yellow chair in the breakfast room and knew that it was time to read Josh. 3 and 4. Before I started I had journaled/prayed about this weekend. I told God..."I want it..whatever it is...even the hard stuff..I want to hear you. Will you do something to rock my world this weekend?" This was His reply...

Josh. 3:5 "Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the LORD will do amazing things among you."

Thank you Lord for answering me. Thank you for doing what you say you will do.

My girls are coming down the stairs...I'm off to give some manicures and pedicures before I leave!


TAMI said...

I've been reading - and writing - about the Promised Land as well. It's such a dynamic picture of our relationship with Him, and how we're growing INTO the work He's already accomplished for us.

Can't wait to hear about some of the blessings He'll surprise you with!

You're a fantastic mom - mani and pedicures before you go?!! Staying home instead of going to choir?! You ROCK!!

BethAnne said...

Be sure to keep all of us you left behind in the know as to what is going on in SA. Cant wait to see pictures!!!!

Kara Akins said...

Can't wait to hear what God does!