Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Behold! Miracles Still Happen!

As evidenced that these videos have posted!!! Sorry that I had to put this in two separate videos! But we were doing good to get this done today...:) This was taken before my LifeWay Surprise or I would have talked about it here. See the post after this if you don't know what I'm talking about.

Part 2 is extra special to me...you'll see why. :)


HisTreasuredPossession said...

I was rolling with your daughter's super hero's outfit!!! Oh how fun!

Fran said...

Please tell panty girl that I think she is fabulous!!!!!!! ;)

And, I loved seeing you and hearing you in person. Makes me even more excited to see you soon!

Merry Christmas to my sweet siesta!
I love ya,

Patty said...

Panty girl is too cool!! This makes me miss you even more and it isn't long until we come for a visit!!

Merry Christmas!
Love you,

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Girl, what a sweet look into your home. It makes me miss you even more.
I am a Bible sniffer too-in fact any new book really...

Thanks for the comment on my new blog look-I still got stuff to do with it but it is coming along!
Much love,

BethAnne said...

That has to be the cutest panty girl I have ever seen.

And you have ornaments from 1977 ??? I didnt know you were even born then......(you can pay me later)

Bev Brandon said...

Steph, your girl is so precious! Oh my! You should link to boomama cause you've got the open door to your heart for Christmas! Hey, I LOVED the frame with the Helen Keller quote. We grew up on the sign language cause my grandmother helped raise me and she was a deaf. So that quote means a lot to me. I've never seen a frame quite like that---will have to check it out cause I loved the size of it. Love your huge humble heart! BEv

Christina said...

You are so adorable on your video. What a beautiful frame you received. I just received a tile from Cheryl at hope for each day and it totally brightened my day and I can see your gift brightened yours too.

Panty Girl is an awesome videographer.

Great Christmas card. It's so nice to hear from other bloggers in person. I love the precious tree and can see and hear why it is so special to you.

Merry Christmas and blessings to you and your family.

Southern Charm said...

Stephanie, I am so happy to see you liked the frame. I did not know your decor or colors so I took a chance with the smaller frame as I have a much larger one. Your video was so great because I had hoped you would like it & I had imagined you seeing it & smiling. But to see it in a video & where you had placed it. That was great! You are always such a blessing to me. Every day. I can't begin to tell you. We all have areas in our lives that we need to attend to, none of us are perfect but you always, always no matter what make room for God, for Jesus. Your heart is so full of the things of God & the time you spend with God. It is an inspiration to me. Thank you for blessing me & thank you for the plug!! You are a sweet sweet lady.
p.s. I laughed my tail off when panty girl made her appearance. She's so COOL.

jodi said...

Savannah watched this with me. She said "I love that angel mommy" and "I like that panty girl". :)

Carol said...

We need to see a whole video of panty girl!!