Friday, December 5, 2008

Don't you want to trade places with me?

Let me tell you, we are one exciting couple come Friday night. The girls are playing upstairs and I'm in my favorite footie pj's reading blogs and playing on Facebook.

Chad is going through playlists on iTunes creating some new run music...

Here's a sample of what I'm hearing:

"We are the World..." GAG, but I loved it when it was new.

"Hurry boy she's waiting there for you..." can you name that tune?

"Love is a battlefield...."


Something from the Beastie Boys...

(something something something).."Mr. Roboto..."

"Shout, Shout, Let it All Out"

and one of my favorites..Bruce Hornsby "That's just the way it is..."

But I have to tell you..when "Thriller" came on a minute ago, I spit my drink at him.(mercy "Crazy for you" just played and I'm distracted, and now dadgum it he makes it play "Girls just wanna have fun." I can not concentrate and he just played, are you ready for this? CHER.."IF I COULD TURN BACK TIME"! Somebody make him stop.)

Okay Thriller story.

When my dad was in seminary we lived in Raleigh, NC. At that time G.A.'s (Girls in Actions is a mission organization for elementary age girls) was BIG in Southern Baptist churches.

Our G.A. group had this "cool" college age leader. Bless her heart she tried. Anyway..she took us to McDonald's for ice cream one Saturday afternoon. This was about the time "Thriller" was released. It came on the radio and she turned that radio up ALL THE WAY. Understand...

We were NOT allowed to listen to Michael Jackson at ALL. I knew who he was and I knew I was going to be in trouble if I came home singing "Thriller" so I started praying. In the mind of this 9 year old my sister and I were in some serious spiritual warfare... :) I asked God to deliver us from the influence of the evil one. Yes I did and about that time,

My cool hip G.A. leader drove us into a ditch.

I believed with all my heart that was the Lord's way of delivering us from evil.

Never under estimate the power of a 9 year old's prayers. :)

Chloe just came down and asked us when mom and dad karaoke would be over, apparently we are getting too loud for the young ones.

Oh goodness, Chad is killing me! Right now I'm listening to him sing this line:

"The search is were with me all the while....."

Oh thank goodness some Chicago...."You're the inspiration..."

And the one song I hate to play and have played at one too many weddings..."Just you and I"

Exciting Friday night isn't the sound of George Michael "One More Try"...I'm saying good night...

Happy Weekend!!!!


Leah said...


I would roast in those footie pjs. They are way too cute but I would ignite under the covers if i tried to wear something like that to bed.

Poor Chad, I'd run too if I had to listen to some of that stuff while trying to exercise. Bless your sweet heart for enduring. There will be blessings awaiting those who endure to the end.


Tricia Eubanks said...

"Just you and I"...Oh my goodness. I hate that song. I have sang it twice; the first time was as a trio, not a duet. I guess we should have sang "Just you and I and another"! HA
The second time was as a solo at my cousin's wedding. Maybe that one should have been "Just me and I". :)

Southern Charm said...

Okay, firt I am loving the footie jammies. I had no idea they made those for adults?? Where on earth did you get those?

Your friday sounds very relaxing, you can't be exciting every day... I had 3 girls over for a birthday sleepover last night. Fun fun fun. They are tattooing themselves with High School Musical tattoos as we speak. Then we are off to breakfast with Santa.
I loved your post the other day about the lady fighting the Holy Spirit, very powerful. Glad you guys are doing well & hubby is running up a storm. Have a great weekend!!

Fran said...

Knew every single song. Y'all are cracking me up. Hey whatever works....go for it Chad!!

Happy Running....and y'all settle down with all the wildness over there! ;)


Cindy said...

All of that music takes me back to my much younger days. I cracked up because I recognized every song. I can barely remember where I parked my car but I can remember song lyrics from 30 years ago. Go figure.

Sounds like a fun night. When my kids were little I loved nothing more than for all of us to be together under one roof just hanging out.

I love the karaoke comment.

BethAnne said...

Oh my goodness....blast from the past....I bet he downloaded Paul Rever by the Beastie Boys (still know all the words although I am not nearly as proud of that at 36 as I was at 16).

HATE Mr. Roboto!!! Always have. Always will.

We are the world???? REally???? Oh dear.

Bruce Hornsby should have stayed on the Range......

I always say that even I have the mental capacity to have written Shout, Shout Let it all out....those are the only words to the whole song!!!!

Sadly, I know every word to Thriller and most all of the dance moves from the video.....if you need any lessons on moonwalking, I can give them to you..............cause you can take the girl out of the 80's, but ya cant take the 80's out of the girl!!!!

The Small Scribbler said...

I got totally side tracked when I saw you in the footie pajamas and i just could not think for the next paragraph or two. My feet were wiggling in an uncomfortable, confined sort of way. Footie pajamas...jail for the feet! I can't even stand to have the covers tucked in at the bottom of my bed.

Anyway, I tuned back in for the part about the car in the ditch and mom and dad karoke.

And any of your eighties hits are better than the Veggie Tunes that are playing in the background here.


Heather said...

I am laughing and totally reminiscing at all the songs! You look adorable in your PJ's....I think I might need some footie ones!
You're precious!
P.S. Now I have "Mr. Roboto" in my head and can't get it out! :)

Femin Susan said...

Your blog is really interesting... Keep posting....Good Luck...Welcome to my blog...

Merry Christmas and happy New year.

Profbaugh said...

Talk about reminiscing--both the footie PJ's and the songs. I headed down memory row as I read this. Thanks Stephanie.


Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Oh girl that is too funny! And I LOVE those PJ's! What a funny Friday night!
Much love,

Chadwick said...

oh no - she's playin' it off as just "something from the Beastie Boys" - oh no... when the words rang out "you gotta fight... for your right ..." this lovely young blushing bright shouts out to the top of her lungs " TO PAAAARRRRTTTTYYYY"

Truely - an amazing moment in my life.

Love you

ocean mommy said...

I only posted Chadwick's comment because he used the adjective "young"....

Carol said...

The pajamas! Oh, the pajamas! Too funny!!!

jodi said...

Well, now I've got "Man Eater" in my head. But that's "hurry boy she'll chew you up". Same song?

Love the Thriller story, btw! LOL!