Sunday, December 14, 2008

birthday stuff

Thanks for all the b'day wishes! I can't believe the man blogjacked me...I'll let it slide this time. (Especially since he's doing me two huge favors in January..more on that at a later time.) wanna know what kind of b'day goodies I was blessed with? The girls woke me up singing happy birthday and brought in cards and a gift that I LOVE. They picked out a beautiful necklace that I can hardly wait to wear! Good job girls. (and Daddy Mack & Grams who helped them with it while I tried on clothes. The told me ALL about it and hiding it so I wouldn't find it.)

Chad has been hearing me complain about my study Bible coming apart for about a year now. I love this particular Bible. We've been through a lot of stuff and there are notes all in that thing. BUT, when Genesis and Exodus started coming out in church last was time to get another one!

I've had my eye on the ESV for a little while, but kept putting off buying it. Chad surprised me with a beautiful new ESV study Bible AND the Esther workbook! I can hardly wait.

I'm just curious, oh boy this is going to show you just how weird I am... Does anyone else like to smell a brand new Bible? I tell you the truth, I took it out of the box and the first thing I did was open it and smell it. If I worked in the Lifeway, I would be in so much trouble for Bible sniffing....

My Mom and Dad sent me a great box with a garden ornament AND a really cool oil....container/jar/bottle I'm not sure what to call it! is covered in musical stuff and matches some pieces I already have! I love it. My little sister and nephew found a really cute coffee mug that is pink and green LOVE IT!

My in-laws in Florida sent me a very generous gift-card to a craft store! I went and bought material for some window treatments in the family room. (I'm going to do a "mistreatment" as the Nester calls it!)

My Tenn. in-laws sent me a beautiful earring and necklace set that I love. (Freshwater pearls) They are so simple and pretty. I'm already planning outfits around the jewelry I received.

Last night Chad and the girls took me on a Christmas light drive. It was fun to put the girls in their pj's, make some hot chocolate and spend the evening singing Christmas songs and looking at lights.

Thank YOU to those of you who left me birthday blessings! You are just precious to me. I can hardly wait to see you again! (or for the first time)

I'm off to watch the Survivor Finale and have some hot tea.


Fran said...

I'm so glad your birthday was such a great day. You deserve it all!

I can't wait to see you again. :)
PAR-TAY in G-A!!!!

The Small Scribbler said...

Happy Birthday, Steph. I love the crisp and crackly sound of the pages in a new Bible. I think this would be a great time of year to have a birthday. My half-birthday is December 24th and it's my favorite day of the year. (Yeah, I know, who pays attention to their half birthday?)


jennyhope said...

LOVE LOVE L.O.V.E the smell of a new bible!!

Leah said...

So glad you had a great birthday!! I'll be praying for you tonight and the other days this week you are singing. Wish I could be there!!


Southern Charm said...

Glad you had a great B day.

BethAnne said...

YAY for the ESV!! And Esther - you will love love love it.

I really need a new bible too.....Genensis 13 and 18 in mine have come out and are simply laying between the other pages...the binding is falling apart......I bought another one - a cheaper/cooler/thinner version to take to church, but when I started copying my notes into the new one, it seemed like an overwhelming task........maybe if the hubs got me an ESV......we shall see.