Friday, December 19, 2008

Sometimes you just need to be reminded...

That God is really there and that He really does hear you. AND CARE.

That is what this week has been for me. A big reminder.

Between all the LifeWay surprises, and the frame that Jennifer sent me...I felt so God was saying "I'm still here...I haven't forgotten."

This morning in my Bible study I asked God to unveil my eyes today, I asked Him to show Himself to me. I also have been asking Him to help my unbelief in a very specific area.

I finished up study, grabbed my grocery list and out the door we went. First stop, haircuts for the girls. We walked right in and they took them right back, no wait. Thank you Lord.

Second stop...Kohls. My Freedom's Call Ladies, gave me some b'day money to spend on we hit the sales at Kohls. I found a couple of things, got in line and waited. Standing there something told me to check the size on one was an XL. I needed a Medium so out of line and back to find that particular rack to make the swap.

I was aggravated at myself for not checking the tag on the garment, and then disappointed that they didn't have the size I needed. Oh well...I just found something else and since it was cheaper, I was able to pick up another top I had my eye on...all is well....we head back to the line.

On our way, a man comes into the area we were in and says, "Excuse me...I just finished my purchase. There is about $18 or so left on this gift card...I'm done and will not be using it. I want to give it to you...why don't you buy something for your girls."


I looked at the girls and they were silent.

I thanked him said Merry Christmas, God bless.. and turned around to look at the girls.

They were grinning ear to ear and Chloe said..."Looks like God showed up in the Vera Wang section of Kohl's!"

Yes He did.

I want you to know that the first thing I did was remember what I had written in my study this morning..

Did I expect God to show up while I stood in the Vera Wang section? Not exactly, BUT

I asked Him to let me see Him today so honestly, I am not surprised.

The unexpected gift card wasn't about the was God telling me..."I've got this little one...I've got it."

Now..I really have no idea how He's going to handle this thing and I don't have to know. But you better believe that I believe Him. He's spent all week long reminding me.

This verse is on the LPM Blog today... I thought it was timely.

"Blessed is she who believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished!" Luke 1:45

I believe God.


Cindy said...

Stephanie, I really needed this post at this particular time. Have been struggling this mornng with something and this post was such an encuragement.


HisTreasuredPossession said...

this is such a precious post and I got all teary reading it. Like you, knowing Him is all I want and I love how He demonstrated Himself so deliberately for you! He is awesome! Believing Him with you, rachel

Fran said...

I'm cryin'!!! So beautiful Stephanie. I'm loving it.

Have a great day and weekend.
Merry Christmas!

BethAnne said...

$18?? At Kohl's that is like 2 sweaters or several things off the sale rack!!! Love it. You never know where you are gonna meet Jesus -- or where He will meet you....who knew He shopped at Kohl's? I really needed to hear this much happening right now and everything seems so out of control ........I needed to be reminded too....with you He used a man with a gift card ...for me He used you.

Southern Charm said...

Oh girl, needed to hear that too. Looking at all of your comments, it looks like we are all having a moment together. Don't you just love that we can all connect together to meet & encouage each other? I too was having a day & this was so perfect for me too. You said you believe God. Can I share that for the first time in my life today I told God that I trusted him. After I said it I realized that I had not said it before. Boy, faith sure does stretch. I am excited for you that God heard you & showed up so nicely. Gift card and all. Sweeettt!! God showed up for me big time too today. The kids & I were singing his praises pretty loud up in the house today. God is pretty cool huh?

Kimberley said...

ooooooooooh, I love miniature burning bushes from God! There is nothing like asking specifically and receiving in such a grand way. I'm so glad He showed up and reassured you! His word is true. Thanks for reminding me to ask and receive.

jodi said...

Your story is so awesome! I also saw that verse posted on LPM's blog and it hit me like a ton of bricks but in a completely different way. God is so good. All the time!

Dionna said...

So glad that someone unexpectedly "delighted" your family today.

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Girl I LOVE it! I have to admit that after the last post I was feeling a little jealous and left out. I was asking God to show me Himself like He did you. Then when I was to go to the prison ministry banquet I got so ill I could not even move to make it. I was feeling all sorry for myself and sure did not expect God to show up but then I get a call from Kara with a word from God. It was a blessing that Jan Silvious wrote-a prayer based on Scripture that she annointed with oil and gave to each of us. I was not there but Kara got mine for me and immediately read it to me. GIrl, it was the words I needed to hear from God like health and holiness and He can be trusted. I just cried and hated I sulked yet again! Feeling left out but we never are! You have to read about Kara's blessing too on her blog. It was so sweet. She said everyone was in tears.

I love you girl and all that God always does in your life. YOu are a blessing and the real deal!

Thanks for the comment on my new look-did you check out the speaking ministry in all pink? The tab is there. Tony is a wonderful job! He rocks.

LOve you bunches!

Carol said...

I do, too sweet friend. I do, too.