Monday, December 1, 2008


I'm exhausted. Happy, full and exhausted.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. We didn't actually have our "feast" until Saturday when my sister and nephew were able to join us. It was great to see them. Colin came in with hugs and kisses for everyone, and then he made the rounds again. It was too cute. My nieces talked my ears off. They say "I do" to anything you ask. They love to laugh and want to do whatever Coco (chloe) and Emmy (emma) do. I was smart this time and kept my shoes in the closest with the door closed. It was such a fight to get my heels away from them last time!


Cousin Colin was very glad to see everyone.

All the cousins

Emma had someone looking up to her all week.

She was telling me something.

After lunch with my side of the family, we joined Chad's mother's side for an awesome dinner of pasta, salad and desserts. It was so good to see almost everyone on that side. (Aunt Debbie I need that Greek Spaghetti girls are still talking about it!) I thought my camera was in my purse, but apparently little hands took it out to make a video and failed to put it back in.

Sunday morning the girls and I led worship at my parent's church. It was an answer to prayer really. I had fought a cold for several days. (It started the day after I had my flu shot!) Anyway, I wasn't really sure if I was going to be able to sing, but God took care of it and for the hour and half I needed it, my throat felt great. Of course later in the afternoon, this is what dad and I did.

Boy, do those things pull out some strange stuff! I'll allow my dad to keep his dignity and not post the video Chloe took of us doing his ear.

Cowboy Chad and Dragon Colin sharing some jalapeno dip Sunday after church.

As much as we loved being with our family for a few days, it's always good to come home and get back into our routine. Of course, this month routine sort of goes out the window doesn't it?!

Enough rambling for one night, I'm off to warm up and check the weather...I sure hope we have more snow flurries tonight!


Darlene R. said...

There he goes, eating the hot stuff again!

We've done those ear candles before. They do pull out nasty stuff. My kids think it the greatest thing ever! Of course :)

Hey, I gave an award to all my SA roomies over at my blog.


Cindy said...

The pictures are great. All of the children are beautiful. Glad you had a great time with family.

Melinda said...

Lord a mercy - an ear candle?? I've heard of them but have never seen one in, um, action!

Please explain how that works!!


Lora said...

The pictures are precious! And we do ear candles too. One year for Thanksgiving, I bought them for the Salesman's entire family - what can bond a family more?
Welcome back!

Heather said...

So glad you are feeling better! I love the picture of all the girls and their cousins.
WHAT is an ear candle? I have not ever seen or heard of this and it is scaring me!!!

BethAnne said...

So, is the ear candle a Thanksgiving tradition in your family? ;-)
Those are some cute kids ya'll have.....looks like you had fun....glad you are back.

Chadwick said...

Officially - an ear candle is a fun way to light your wife's head on fire!!?? :)

jodi said...

Okay, I'm laughing at Chad's comment! But seriously...what in the world??? An ear candle? It reminds me of the beginning of Shrek when he pulled that wax out of his ear and lit it for a candlelight dinner. :)