Wednesday, December 17, 2008

LifeWay....They have so blessed me this week.

If you haven't read this post, then go read it and then come back to this!

The worship team of Freedom's Call has had quite the honor this week. We were given the opportunity to sing at our local LifeWay store three nights. Let me tell you, the manager of this store and his staff have been wonderful.

He opened up the store to a local middle school chorus teacher, who happens to sing with us, and asked her to bring her three chorus groups to serenade his shoppers. Freedom's Call is so honored to sing after such great kids! They have done an excellent job and I think they have got a kick out of seeing their teacher sing!

It's been such a neat thing to watch some of them come into LifeWay, some for the first time and be amazed at the environment. It's a safe place. And Monday night I got a little emotional thinking about how these kids were surrounded by the Word of God. It was in front of them, beside them behind them....God's word does not return void and I believe that the simple act of opening up this store planted many seeds.

You know I've got pictures for you. :)

Remember last week I told you that they had hung a poster in the window? Remember I said I thought it would just be the flyer that they were stuffing in the bags? it is

Life size. Two of them. Have mercy.

Thanks Rick and LifeWay at the Mall of Georgia! You have been such a gracious host and have blessed us this week! I believe with all my heart that seeds were planted. Thank you for turning the store into a place of ministry.

Okay....we are there Thursday night. (we've been singing around 7:15 or so) If you are in this area COME SEE US!!! I would love to hug your neck!


Julie said...

How neat you sang at the Lifeway store!!!

It was so fun to watch the videos you did and to hear your sweet voice. I didn't do the Boo Mama home tour because I think my things are a little boring and not as flashy. But your home was gorgeous!

Three Fold Cord said...

Oh I am going to try my best to come!! My parents live near there and my kids will be at he house most of the AM.

BethAnne said...

YOU ARE FAMOUS!!! I saw you on that poster that was in that store window, so that makes you famous!

You can bet if I lived in the area, I would be there Thursday!

LAURIE said...

That is sooo awesome! I love Lifeway....when is the cd coming out?

jennyhope said...


jodi said...

That is soooo cool!

Lora said...

Oh, I'm so glad you shared the poster - You're a celebrity!

And yes, please let me know when you are coming to visit your sister. There is an old home in her town that I'm in love with...

Cindy said...

If I was not in San Antonio I would have so been there! I would have loved to meet you in person and hear you sing. Maybe one day soon.

I know that everyone who heard Freedom's Call was blessed.


Profbaugh said...

Tagged you. Go see :)

Fran said...

I just love this!! And, I would have cried just looking, watching, and hearing it all. Surrounded by God's Word and His love....beautiful!!!

Love ya girl.
Now, can I have yo auto-graph please??

Melinda said...

Man, you HAVE been blessed this week! So awesome! Would love to hear you sing one day. :o)

Big ol' hugs,

Three Fold Cord said...

I am so sorry I couldn't make it. My little sister needed some Big sister time and we were together.